UK Immigration Issues – Importance of Applying for a Valid Visa Extension in the UK

This article aims to focus on two main aspects in applying for the extension, i.e. the importance of housing (a) timely as well as (b) a valid request. These two very different questions deserve careful consideration.

Extension form

In order to submit an extended request for an extension, importers must demonstrate that they and their dependents can meet the relevant immigration requirements. However, this in itself is not sufficient to grant more permission to remain in the UK because the UK Border Agency will systematically reject requests unless they are accompanied by appropriate fees with a proper and up-to-date form. The simplest way to understand why it is important to respect points a) and b) above is to think about what could happen when the plaintiff fails.

When the application is not submitted on time, immigrants generally lose the right to appeal. As a result, they will not be able to demand that an immigration judge apply his own judgment on the rejection and supporting documents under paragraph 4. Article 85 Even when the application is approved after a late submission, that is, after the end of the holiday period, the applicant has at that time been given a break from his “continuous” residence and consequently a five-year break from settlement as part of the work or category of the TV show or worst-case scenario. for 10 years with a long stay. It could also affect their ability to become natural as a British citizen.

Application preparation

A similar result can be produced when the program is considered invalid, i.e. the model is old or intended for use in another category. In addition, if a new application was submitted 28 days after the initial rejection and the application was rejected again, the applicant would be an additional employee, which would have resulted in a restraining order for at least one year if he left. Britain. Of free will, of free will.

Finally, it remains on the content of the application form, it can not be stressed enough how important it is to answer the questions on the form honestly and accurately, because mistakes or mistakes in providing information can lead to deception that leads to a ban on the possibility of return and possible damage to a future request. In FW (Paragraph 322: Unreliable Response) Kenya [2010] UKUT 165 (IAC) The Supreme Court aggressively addressed what could be a false representation and a substantive judgment on confidentiality “when a direct question is posed and answered incorrectly, incorrect representation Not to inform; it is not open to the appellant who gives the wrong answer to a direct question in the application form to say that it is not important.

However, the Supreme Court of the United States and MV (PBS – Applicants from the Same Family) Malaysia [2010] UKUT 167 (IAC) decided to use a more entrenched approach in the decision that “There is no appropriate basis for the Secretary of State to submit a valid application because it was previously stopped in the same envelope, it is an invalid request from a member of the same family. “

This is a welcome decision and a break from the past, but it is still important to seek legal advice before submitting a request, especially if there are any doubts or concerns about the history, status or respect of immigrants.

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