Tanzania Visa: Cost And All You Need To Know

Tanzania Visa Cost On Arrival


We have all heard about Tanzania. We know that country has lots of beautiful places to see and this has made it one of the centers of attraction for tourists. This article will be a guide to give you detailed information about Tanzania visa cost and all you need to know.



  • Best Time To Visit

Most people who visit Tanzania arrive firstly in Dar Es Salaam. There are some popular places you can make plans to visit in Tanzania like the Gambe National Park, Tisha National Park, and so many others. Most travellers find it hard to know the right time to visit these places, for instance those who want to do bird watching, the best time to visit is October to April while in the case of Kilimanjaro Trek, you can make the climbing year round just that you have to note that the rainy seasons runs from March through the end of May. Before visiting Tanzania there are some things which you need to know which we believe are very vital to your health.

  • Knowledge About Tanz

Travellers visiting a country for the first time needs to know lots of things, so as your first time there will not be difficult for you as you will have to get used to lots of things. In case of money, the unit of currency is the Tanzanian shilling (Tzs) and the currency does not even have smaller denominations. Major currencies like the Dollar, Pound, and Euro can be easily changed in large towns and also in bureau De Change. It also takes longer to change the money in the banks than the Bureau De Change. Those traveling to Tanzania should have it in mind that travel cheques are not accepted but you can use the ATM machine to withdraw cash from MasterCard or Visa card. It should be known that you should beware of opportunitist or pickpockets as exposing lots of money outside could be dangerous.

  • Most Peaceful Country in East Africa

In the aspect of security, Tanzania is the most peaceful country in East Africa, the police make sure that the country is peaceful at all times. The crime rate in Tanzania is not high, so be rest assured that you are safe as you are traveling there.

  • Your Health

Another thing tourist should care about Is their health. We all know that when traveling to a new country on a place you have never been to before, there are some health risks which you should consider. There are some various health risks like the case of Malaria which is one of the most feared diseases. You should make sure that you can purchase mosquito spray as this is needed. You should know that if proper precautions are taken you won’t get bitten by mosquitoes. In the aspect of water, you are advised to drink bottled water and fruits or juices being prepared on the streets should be avoided because most of them are not prepared in a hygienic way. Salads and juices are better eaten in restaurants or places where good hygiene is being practiced. Asking people around where you can get good restaurant is not a bad idea at all or you can as well check online to see for yourself as there are many available places where you can get good meals.

Tanzania Visa Cost On Arrival

  • Tanzania Visa

Moving to the main aim of this article is the cost of the Tanzania visa. As a traveler, you are expected to know this. Thie visa cost might vary so read below. Citizens of the UK, US, Canada, and Australia need a tourist visa to enter Tanzanian. Applying for a visa to Tanzania can be done online, as the application form can be found on the Tanzanian Embassy website. There are some few requirements which are needed for you when applying.

Passports which is valid for at least six months which should be beyond the date of entry to TANZANIA is required by all nationals. There are also some who do not require a visa to enter Tanzania which are the Nationals Cyprusrus and Romania who do not require a visa. Single entry and transit visas on arrival at the port of entry into Tanzania can be obtained with these, passport photos are not required but all other necessary documents must be in place. In the case of Multiple entry business, visa cannot be issued at the point of entry and there must be obtained in advanced.

In the validity of the visa, multiple entry business visa can be valid up to Six or twelve months period while the aspect of single entry tourist visa is just three months. The single entry tourist visa can be used to enter Tanzania for a second time, providing it is still valid. You can use it from Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda or Burundi.

Visas can be obtained from the embassy or high commission before travelling. It is obtained at any point of entry on arrival but payments are to be made on US Dollars, it should be noted that you should have sufficient blank pages in your passport. Each visa type has its own cost, as for the price of the single entry visa is different from the double entry tourist visa and also the business visa.

  • Tanzania Visa Costs and Types


  • Multiple entry business visa: The multiple entry business visa is valid for six months or twelve months. It costs £80.
  • Single entry tourist visa: On arrival the single entry tourist visa costs US$50 while for the U.S citizen it costs US$100 or £40 in advance.
  • Double Entry Tourist Visa: The double tourist entry visa is £70 which is being paid in advance.
  • Transit Visa: Moving on we have the transit visa which costs US$30 which is available for those travelling through Tanzania to other destination which is within a 14 days period.

But it should be noted that onward tickets or tour itenary confirmation and sufficient funds for transit are required. In getting a temporary residence, residence permit are granted to foreign nationals but it depends if they are working or being employed by a Tanzanian company or even working long term as missionaries or volunteers. All these must be applied through the immigration service department.

We hope this article has been helpful to you. All the needed information have been stated here for you.

That’s all about Tanzania Visa: Cost And All You Need To Know.


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