Study in Canada – Check out the essential guide to studying as an international student in Canada

Canada has prominent schools around the world that also produce the best and brightest students each year. Getting a degree in some of the colleges and universities in Canada is a privilege that few share, and this is especially true of international students. But did you also know that you can earn permanent residency or citizenship with a program called “The Canadian Experience Class”? This program is specifically designed to cater to international students and professionals seeking permanent study and employment in Canada.

Of course, you do not automatically receive permanent residency or citizenship without prior qualifications. However, it is much easier to obtain citizenship during the Canadian probationary period because the requirements are very few and simple to implement. To summarize it all, the instructions are:

For international students:

You must pass the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) at any university or college in Canada and also receive an invitation from the same school.

You must prove that you earn at least $ 11,000 a CD each fiscal year.

You must return to your country at the end of each semester to avoid staying longer than the visa period allowed.

· You must have at least one year of managerial, professional or technical experience after graduating from school to be able to apply for permanent residence.

You must have a strong command of English or French in both written and oral communication.

For professionals:

You must have the appropriate skills and work experience for a minimum of 2 years in any full-time position (at least 37.5 hours per week) in management, professional or technical jobs in Canada.

· You must have a job offer from Canada from a Canadian employer.

You must have a strong command of English or French in both written and oral communication.

As you can see, the requirements are detailed but simple enough to achieve; in fact, most applicants are probably the finances that could be the biggest obstacle. But why would you apply for this immigration plan if you are not ready for anything? Also, to avoid rejecting your immigration application, you may seek the guidance of an immigration lawyer to assist you with immigration law issues. It is commendable that you have prepared for everything, but to be honest, it is much better to have someone who knows their way to hold your hand and help you go to unfamiliar places than to wander there yourself. An immigration lawyer could serve as the ace up your sleeve.

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