State Advocate Salary In South Africa

State Advocate Salary In South Africa. Lawyers are part of the highest paid professionals in South Africa. The average monthly salary of a lawyer in this country is R60,000 per month.

Salaries vary by industry and depend on the level of individual experience. Newly trained lawyers earn less than 30,000 rands per month, while those who remain in the industry earn more than 40,000 a month for 3 years. In any case, where I work as a lawyer, you can always determine what you earn, provided you are competent enough to win the case.

State Advocate Salary In South Africa 

 S/N State Advocate Average Salary 
 1. Entry Level R30,000
 2. Experience R60,000

SA lawyers are among the most prominent professionals in Africa. They represent clients even before the International Criminal Court and other influential courts on the ground. This ranks them among the highest-paying lawyers in the region.
By comparing wages in the private sector and the government, lawyers are advised to practice private practice because they pay more than they are employed by the government. A customer can pay up to R1 million if the case is sensitive and volatile.
As a law student, do not worry about your career because you are among the best in South Africa.

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There are two types of lawyers in South Africa, advocate and attorney. The lawyer works in law firms, drafts contracts, meets clients and the defenders are the ones who wear the dress and stand up to appear before the judge. When someone has a legal problem, he is talking to a lawyer who should have a good knowledge of the relevant legal issue. When a case is brought before a court, a lawyer must “warn” a lawyer who, on the basis of information and instructions given by a lawyer, examines a case in court.


Defenders are self-employed, but usually members of the “Bar Council”, which is the body that helps to oversee and direct the profession. They are primarily experts in the art of presenting and discussing cases in court. This requires the control of the law and the facts of the case. Good judgment and the ability to present the case clearly and systematically are absolutely necessary. Each case requires good preparation and organization.

Lawyers also provide legal advice and assistance in drafting legal documents, most often related to their area of expertise, whether commercial, family, tax or otherwise. Once advocates reach a certain level of experience, they have the right to petition the president to be named “chief defender”. Supreme Court justices are often appointed as senior lawyers. Can you see a judge someday? Why not?


Like defenders, lawyers can now appear in higher courts. In practice, however, representation in court is always resolved by the defenders. The lawyer is the person to contact for the first time when seeking legal advice. The service they provide must be broad enough to cover a wide range of legal issues. Only when the case is referred to the court is it referred to the lawyer. Before that, the lawyer must determine the legal issues and try to find alternatives to resolve the dispute and protect the interests of their clients.

Unlike self-employed lawyers, lawyers often form professional societies and corporations and partner with each other. Many lawyers are considered general practitioners. However, due to the increasing complexity of life, the trend is according to the specialization and mastery of certain areas of law.

Duties and differences between state attorney

Before identifying the difference between the legal career offered by the state, it is necessary to mention the personal traits that come with this scope of practice. The prosecutor should have been objective, not wanting to give up, being able to cope with the tremendous stress of presenting warrior characters and maintaining the trust of their clients while maintaining the respect of their colleagues. Professionalism is the order of the day.

Prosecutor of the Republic

State prosecutors deal with a wide range of legal issues relating to individuals, businesses, associations, and corporations. This includes work in the areas of commercial and corporate law, civil and criminal litigation, property, taxation and land use planning.

State lawyers work in the state service and represent state and state agencies in all prosecutions and transactions against and against the state. They work and work in the same way as ordinary lawyers. Examples of state prosecutors include: casual gambling and licensing requirements; cases of corruption or probable corruption; Cases and opinions of the Constitutional Court concerning constitutional rights call a lawyer for judicial affairs;

Specific conditions of recognition in the law of lawyers of the 53rd century 1979
• It is considered appropriate and appropriate (an appropriate prosecutor’s office will schedule an interview prior to registration of the articles)
• Include a candidate agreement (s) with a state attorney or complete your articles in a general law firm and fill in the appropriate period if necessary.
• The period of your articles will depend on whether you are finished or are finishing the LLB level.
• Participate in the LEAD SA School of Legal Practice (courses are offered full-time and full-time) for more information, visit the following website:
• Then you can access the review of the Ombudsman’s Committee after the above, which consists of four reviews (the Supreme Court and violations of the judicial process, professional ethics and record-keeping for lawyers) that are offered twice a year by the Law Society.
• Once you are an admitted lawyer, you can practice and report directly to the country for specialization. In general, you must practice a period of 2 to 3 years after receiving before you can apply.

Prosecutor of the Republic

Lawyers are experts in the art of presenting and discussing cases in court. The prosecutor’s office plays the role of “prosecutor” at the Supreme Court. As a result, they are appointed by the Office of the Public Prosecutor and attached to the Office of the National Director of Public Procurement.

• The basic requirement is an LLB from a South African University when this is accomplished, the next step is to ask the Supreme Court of the competent jurisdiction involved in the defense “role”. To do this, the candidate must comply with the qualifications of the court and be a member of the profession.
• The candidate can practice a lawyer in South Africa. Once admitted, it is customary to join one of the “bars” (the representative body of the law professor). Professional training to become a lawyer is provided by the “defense alliances” that make up the General Council of the South African Chamber of Prosecutors.
• The one-year apprenticeship (“custody”), as well as questioning the requirement to join the bar, people will have to pass the national examination of the lawyers of the General Council of the Bar, which is the proof of people of practical ability.
• The student will join a student lawyer with an experienced lawyer
• See how it works in the chambers and courts, counseling is a learning experience, not a job, and there is no compensation.
• Once you are admitted as an advocate, according to the appropriate levels of experience and know-how, you can then be directly applied to the National Prosecutor’s Office at the position of the state attorney.

State Advocate Salary In South Africa


Check your law articles as a candidate lawyer who lasts 2 years in a law firm or 6 months in the law of the school management and 1 year in a law firm. The initial salary can range from R5 000 per month to R25 000 per month. Through hard work, long hours and stressful and valuable experience, her salary can reach more than 100,000 rands per month if a partner or partner in a successful business, or start their own successful practice.


Most potential lawyers who choose their boarding year do not receive a monthly salary. After qualifying as a defenseman, they are awarded the title of junior champion, which is to promote, find and develop their reputation. Some of South Africa’s leading advocates charge 45,000 rands a day! But it takes years of experience and a great reputation to achieve this level of success.


Although we have seen a 0.7% reduction in economic growth, the long-term picture looks promising. For example, employment levels in the financial services sector have grown over the years. This has, in particular, prompted investment banks to look for specific skill sets within private banking and corporate finance. The information technology market was also active and the arrival of several international law firms in Johannesburg meant that lawyers with private sector experience were particularly demanding.


However, given the trends observed, confidence in employment will increase in key areas, as experts with an expertise in the banking, legal and IT fields will continue to be solicited. Despite the difficult context, the best candidates in all sectors will receive salary increases of 10-15%, while those who can not expect increases associated with 5-10% inflation. The country’s employment capital legislation, which guarantees employment privileges for previously disadvantaged groups, continues to add a unique level of complexity to executive recruitment in South Africa. It will have to be more flexible in determining qualifying conditions and experience to stay in the legislation.

There have been influxes of international law firms looking for lawyers with specialized skills and local experience. People with about five years of experience after qualification will be in great demand, especially in the banking and financial sector. Generally, the greatest competition will be for mid-level lawyers at the industry level with industry experience.

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