South African Embassy In Tanzania – All You Need To Know

South African Embassy In Tanzania

All you need to know about South African Embassy In Tanzania. South Africa is one of the most beautiful African country, they have the second largest economy in Africa, making Nigeria to be the first. Over the past few years, South Africa has established a good relationship with Tanzania. The mutual cooperation of south Africa and Tanzania has grown faster over recent times. One thing about mutual cooperation is that countries who join forces for the greater good are not left behind. During the year 2016, the GDP of Tanzania grew by 5.5% which was rated as a good sign. 

South African Embassy In Tanzania – All You Need To Know

Now lets go straight to the point of writing this article. The ” South African embassy in Tanzania ” has some requirements, visa application process and some guidelines which should be followed, before paring for your visa.

South African Embassy In Tanzania


There are some basic requirements which the South African Embassy In Tanzania needs before preparing your visa application. Most times, the vis application process might take longer than you plan or schedule, but do not worry as everything can easily be put into place. Below are some of the basic requirements which the embassy needs you to provide;

  • Passport should be valid for no less than 30 days after the expiry of the intended visit.
  • Passport must contain at least one (1) unused page for entry/departure endorsement.
  • Payment of the prescribed fee, if applicable.
  • Statement and documentation confirming purpose and duration of visit.
  • A vaccination certificate
  • f required by the ACT. Proof of financial means on various form like bank statement, salary advices,
  • Undertaking by the host on the republic, bursaries,
  • Medical cover
  • Cash available which includes credit card on travellers check to cover the living expense.
  • Applicants traveling by air, should be in possession of a return or onward ticket, proof of sufficient funds.

We should know that what is listed above are the general requirements which are needed in getting a visa to South Africa. The truth is that, not everyone who wants to travel to south Africa, needs a South African visa. It has been possible, that south Africans allow the citizens of some countries to come into south Africa, for a limited period of time without stress. South Africa gives the country like 90 days, some 30 days and so on. Even diplomats are also allowed for this kind of benefits.

Those who travel for business to South Africa, requires lots of documents as they will be interviewed and ask lots of questions regarding their jobs.

Now, I know lots of people will ask these questions, some might feel its irrelevant, others might feel its not, now how does the south African embassy operates. We all know that it is not everyone that has the money to buy a plane ticket, well many also feel that the  ticket will be cheaper for them, this is one of the reason of the unused page in the passport. If you go back and read the requirements, you will see what am talking about. For those of using transit, this areas is very necessary, as when you reach a destination, they might need to stamp on your passport, which makes the passport still useful, much consideration should beput into this.


It is suitable for you to book an appointment after the required details of your passport, booking an appointment is very vital, as it will help you identify the Nitty Gritty about the embassy. Appointment can easily be booked at the website, late comers are not entertained in the embassy office, as the office is said to be small. If not available, you can easily cancel your appointment.

There is actually an amount of time, it will take to prepare a south African visa. The number of days is 10 days. There is a required time, which the South African visa is valid, especially for visitors, it is 3 months.

If you are a visitor and you are travelling to South Africa, the required time is 3 months for the visa to last, and when it gets expired, you can renew it. Before we move into the other section of the article which is the contact information of the South African embassy in Tanzania, there are some things we would want you to know, although this should not be part of this article, but they may be helpful on helping you sort out your fees, although only applicable in the US, but we felt it should be included.

  • Study permit $72.00
  • Business permit $255.00
  • Work/exceptional skills permit $255.00
  • Visitors/researcher/sabbatical visa/volunteer $72.00
  • Corporate permit $255.00
  • Exchange permit $72.00
  • Diplomatic permit is free

However, there are some others but we feel these are the basic which you should know, as they are the most important ones and the ones which are mostly used by lots of people.


As much as getting much information about a particular embassy, what is the use without having their contact details. Imagine after reading this, and there was no contact information how would you feel, well supposedly bad I guess.

We have gotten the embassies contact information for you:


  • Plot 218/50 Cernen garden avenue and Shaban Robert road
    P.OBOX 10723, Hale district,
    Dar es salaam Tanzania.
  • Telephone: +255 22 221 8500
  • Fax: +255 22 600 684
  • Email:

After getting all of this information, it will be advisable if we shared the office hours with you, so you would know how to place your calls and when to. Below are the opening hours of the South African embassy in Tanzania.

Working Hours:

  • Monday to Thursdays: 7:30am to 16:30pm
  • Friday – 7:30 to 1:30pm

That’s all on South African embassy In Tanzania



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