South Africa work visa and permit made easy-know which visa or permit is right for you: Check out

South Africa. For South Africans holding work permits or visas, its regulations and success criteria seem complicated for potential immigrants and employers. There are only 5 different categories of work permits.

As the UK shifts to a points-based immigration system similar to Australia, this requirement style has become a norm and has made South Africa’s immigration rules related to work permits and visas more stringent and confusing.

The main categories of work permits and visas are:

Intra-company transfers-Individuals who need to relocate in existing companies or affiliates to fill temporary positions in South African operations should apply in this category.

Quota work permit-

South Africa has a shortage of skills in certain professional fields, which has been recognized by the Ministry of Labor. According to the current human resources status, they are regularly reviewed and reviewed. People with appropriate qualifications and experience can apply for quota work permits. The biggest advantage of a quota work permit is that a quota work permit can be issued before the job opportunity is obtained, which makes it easier to find a job.

Excellent Skills Permit-

As assessed on a case-by-case basis, this permit is for individuals with unique skills, experience and qualifications.

Individual Enterprise Worker Permit-

Due to the shortage of skills in South Africa or the special requirements of executive positions (for example, foreign language requirements), many organizations need to hire multiple foreigners. Companies can apply for company licenses to grant them a specific number of people in specific positions. Companies holding these permits can apply for individual company worker permits for their foreign employees.

General Work Permit-

Applicants who do not fall into the other 4 categories must apply for a general work permit. Before receiving a job offer, one cannot apply for a general work permit, and it should be noted that the employer must provide evidence that he has taken certain actions to find a suitable South African before providing a position for the foreigner.

Company license:

Companies can preempt the immigration process by applying for a company license. This permit is for companies that plan to fill a series of foreign positions in the next 2 to 3 years.

With the global competition for skilled workers and people’s travel mentality, immigration has become an integral part of employers’ and employees’ recruitment strategies. Knowing the correct vacation can only help, and often gives employers and employees the upper hand in achieving the desired results.

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