profitable small scale business ideas Uganda


Over time, lots of individuals have been looking for profitable small businesses idea in Uganda to start up, some might have little idea of what they want to do, others might not. This article will help you out to sort out the best, so dive in quickly and see what we have for you. In Uganda, there are a lot of small-scale businesses one can lay hands on to make money quickly


  • #1. Food Processing

Much of the food consumed in Uganda is imported. And the country spends several millions of dollars annually on food importation alone. This creates huge opportunities for businesses that can produce and process foods locally. The demand for quality food is increasing with the growing population, especially in the urban areas. If you don’t have a fat capital, you can still start a small food processing business that offers value-added processed foods like grains, nuts, cereals, fruits, and vegetables.

profitable small scale business ideas Uganda
profitable small scale business ideas Uganda
  • #2. Trading 

Bringing goods very close to consumers is a great way to earn income quickly. Most of these consumers go too far places to buy the little things they need but with you now bringing the goods close to the consumers, you get to satisfy a lot of people so even though you decide to increase the cost of the goods, they may not mind the increase as they will consider the cost of getting the goods cheap in far places and still go for yours.
Many things sell in Uganda. The secret is to identify any business that caters to people’s everyday needs. So, if you sell products that are in high demand, you’ll make lots of profit off Ugandans. With less than $100 starting capital you can start a business that sells second-hand clothing (this sells well in Uganda ), firewood, newspapers, foodstuff ( cassava flour, rice, palm oil etc ), frozen fish, of soft drinks.

With capital between $100 and $1,000, you can open a small restaurant, a coffee shop, a mobile phone accessories store, a grocery store, a cosmetic product store, a supermarket, or a jewelry store.

  • #3. Transport Services

Transport is one thing that people need to engage in every day. This explains why there is a huge demand for transport services. If you have a big capital, you can start a business that offers inter-city transport services. But if you are on a low budget, then you should consider a local taxi service.

  • #4. Computer and Internet Services

Many Ugandans are not familiar with computers. But with the increasing need for being both computer-literate and internet-savvy, there are opportunities for computer and internet instructors and technicians. One can start this training with a little amount of money.

  • #5. Poultry Farming

One special thing about poultry farming is that you can make money from the meat and also Eggs. you can be a supplier of eggs in large quantities to different customers who either use it to process one good or the other or to retailers who also sell eggs at their various stores in small quantities to consumers who cannot go too far to get it.
You may also choose to focus more on the meat. You will also get a lot of money from them. In as much as poultry farming requires lots of hard work, it is one business that pays at the end. You would have enough increase.

  • #6. Computer and Mobile Phone Repair

This business is good when you are in an urban area where people use modern smartphones and computers. One thing you have to have to keep in mind is that no customer likes being swindled about by lies. For someone starting this business, You should portray uprightness and be straightforward and not be cunning with a lying tongue.

  • #7. Barbing Saloon

The human hair must grow and that is one thing you should know so you have nothing to lose. What you just need is a little knowledge about how to shave then open a little store and make it unique and I bet you will not regret it.

  • 8. Daycare center

There are some persons who cannot take their children along with them when going out daily to their various offices of markets or place of work. All that is needed is for you to have a good relationship with them and a little center where you can keep and care for the children. It could be your house.

  • 9. Sports Viewing Center Business

Haven’t you discovered that people love watching sports either as an individual or as a group? Haven’t you seen or heard about sports fans who could forego anything to enjoy their favorite game(s)? Think of football alone, you will discover that fans are in thousands are within your area and ready to pay you for showing them their favorite matches.

In England, Spain, France, Germany, Nigeria, and many countries across all continents are millions of football lovers! Yes, people love football and with that, you can start showing matches such as EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, car races, boxing matches, etc. at an affordable rate. That is a small but profitable business in Uganda, so grab it.

10. Art and Craft Business

Art and craft as an umbrella business opportunity have many sub-businesses which one can start. Among the popular hobbies that make money are carving, drawing and painting, bead making among others. Take drawing and painting for example. Art business made Michelangelo di Lodovico Simoni, a 15th and 16th-century Italian artist rich and famous around the world to date!

Let’s take bead making business again for another instance. It is a business that may not common everywhere but some countries especially in Africa, Asia, Caribbean and South America that recognize and adore. it as a part of their outfits could benefit from this. Think of brick beads, saw line beads among others, they can offer you cool money. Yes no doubt, and to start, one or two-week training will suffice to acquire the skills needed without tears. Though the business looks unattractive, the fact is that the cost of producing a complete bead necklace could be less than nothing and sold for quite a good amount of money.

Nothing is too small to start up, a little business today can turn into an Empire tomorrow, so why don’t you help yourself out today and be a small scale business owner. So that marks the end of our post on Top 10 profitable small scale business ideas in Uganda 2018.


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