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Privacy Policy for TanzaniaBest

Any needed clarification about the contents on this privacy policy page should be directed to our email or simply put a call through to us.

Visitors privacy is our watchword here at On this page, we shall be explaining what the privacy policy term entails.

Log Files

We’re a part of the new generation websites that employ the use of log files as required by hosting companies. The information contained in the log files are basic, they are simply peripheral information that’ll allow us to get to know you more through your internet history/behavior.

Cookies and Web Beacons

Cookies are being used by to safely record visitors preferred way of doing things on the internet.

DoubleClick DART Cookie

→ Google as a reputable third party advertisement server stays in business by using cookies to serve advertisements on

→ DART cookies are being utilised by google in order to properly serve ads that’ll be beneficial to the viewing visitor.

→ Opting out of the DART cookie usage is easy, all you have to do is visit this link –

Our Advertising Partners

A fair number of our adverising partners who relies on the cookie information are listed below …….

  • Google
  • Amazon

Just like every other properly set up websites, these advertising partners official websites proudly displays their individual terms of use otherwise known as privacy policy. You can visit the official websites of each advertising partners to know more about their privacy policy.

These advertising servers use the gathered cookies to directly send advertisements that are tailored to suit your needs directly to your browser. When this is done, your IP address is automatically noted and in cases where the cookies received are not that effective in determining the type of advertisements to display on your phone, other technologies such as JavaScript and web beacons are employed.

What this third party advertisers do with your accumulated cookies information is out of’s control.

Third Party Privacy Policies

As it is clearly stated above, to know more about the privacy policy of these individual third party ad servers, visiting their website might be your best bet.

Iff you’re a conservative user/visitor and you’ll like to disable the cookies feature on your browser, you should visit your browsers’ official website for directives. What Are Cookies?

Children’s Information

In order to provide the added protection that’s needed for their online activities, we are humbly requesting that parents should oversee their wards internet usage as we, by default, gather information from all visitors without being conscious of the age group.

As it is a known fact that jo article can satisfy all groups of readers/visitors, whatever article you feel might incite or provoke you should be reported and we’ll take immediate action to curb it’s spread.

Online Privacy Policy Only

The privacy policy contained on this page is only applicable to our online visitors, this is in no way applicable to our offline users.


Consciously surfing on our website only mean one thing, and that is, your agreement to the privacy policy that’s guarding this page.


Wednesday, 28th of june was the day this page was last modified, future changes will be also be communicated only via this page.