List Of Nursing Colleges In Cape Town {Government & Private}

List Of Nursing Colleges In Cape Town

Today we are taking a detailed look into the full list of registered list of nursing colleges in Cape Town government and private. A nurse is a health care practitioner who is trained in the act of dispensing medical treatments, medicines and helps to proffers health tips, care, and or solutions to individuals, patients, as the needs arise. The nurses in the social work and-in-and with medical doctors, health care workers, and providers, etc, ensuring that people are not sick again but healthy. People who are registered nurses must have graduated from an accredited nursing program in any recognized institution. In other, for one to become a recognized nurse, such must have met with the necessary requirements by graduating from a nursing school. Nurses are seen in virtually all communities of the world (both small and large communities) especially in under-developing countries, nurses as seen carrying out community services to internally displaced persons as their job demands of them. It is a known fact that globally the nursing profession is generally occupied by the female folks.



Western Cape, South Africa:  since medicine involves a lot of practical, hence the institution deemed it fit to make available for the students of Carinus Nursing College well-equipped laboratory for carrying out their academic researches, programs, and projects. Carinus Nursing College offers distant learning and online learning within and outside the country. It a place where research is carried out, a project of various forms is done, etc, also it collaborates with other international institutions in terms of scientific works, research, and investigations. It offers scholarships and awards of various degrees to outstanding performances of people identified within their period of study. Also, various undergraduates’ programs are in operation which is open to people from various works of life.


This privately-owned nursing school is located at 59 George St, Onverwacht, Cape Town, 7140, South Africa. This institution is well established to the extent that it as infrastructures covering other aspects like Oasis Rehabilitation Centre, Oasis care and Retirement Home, and other Healthcare facilities in Cape Town where people’s health challenges can be fully met.

List Of Nursing Colleges In Cape Town
List Of Nursing Colleges In Cape Town

Are you looking for the best school to become a trained individual in the profession of nursing? Then look no further than Victoria Hospital Wynberg Training School, for Nurses as this is the right place to achieve this lifelong dream. At this Nursing College located at Alphen Hill Road, Wynberg, Cape Town, 7800, South Africa, professional nurses are effectively trained and better equipped for their job, therefore, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to knowledge impartation on the students.


The Nursing school in Cape Town, South Africa is sited at Klipfontein Road, Heideveld, Cape Town, 7764, South Africa. Most privately-owned institutions in South Africa are located in Cape Town. Nursing is not all about taking care of a sick person, rather the displayed professionalism by this college, meaning that nursing goes beyond the previously held notions in the minds of people.  


Helderberg Private Home Nursing College is a private higher education institution situated in Somerset West, South Africa, about thirty minutes from Cape Town. Annandale Rd, Helderberg Rural, Cape Town, 7135, South Africa. The college was established in 1893 and is currently headed by a president in the person of Vincent Injety. The motto of the institution is “Alus Prodesse Discimus (We learn to serve others)”.


In this college, community health workers are trained, equipped and better informed on a way of how to carry out their health-related responsibilities. This is a unique institution where global standards and health-related practices are upheld therefore not giving room for any unethical practices, especially at the workplace because it could lead to loss of lives. It educational standard is high compared to none. There are various programs carried out in this college of nursing called Kingsway College Cape Town, South Africa and they are;  

  1.    Nursing Short Courses,
  2.    Ancillary Health Care,
  3. Home Based Care (this has a duration of 3 months),
  4. Hiv & Aids Programme also programmed within the time period of 3 months,
  5. Life Skills Course for nurses in other to better equip them on how to handle critical life’s cases in the field of medicine and this is to last for only one month.
  6. Child Care -Crèche Assistant/Child Minder Course: This special course was specifically designed to equip learners, caregivers, and individuals with basic skills thereby enabling them to provide sound care in a practical home situation or to serve as an assistant in a crèche. This type, of course, is programmed for a period of three months.
List Of Nursing Colleges In Cape Town
List Of Nursing Colleges In Cape Town

This college first took her establishment in the year 1971 which then has just one single campus which over time has spread across over 6 other campuses in Gauteng. This college is located at 8 Edison Way, Century City, Cape Town, 7441, South Africa. This privately-owned High school in Cape Town is ranked as one of the best in the country. It strives for academic excellence not only within the four walls of the school but also beyond. Its products (nurses) over the years have been able to display their professionalism in real life situations as the case demands. With a serene environment for academic activities to strive in, the institution has sets of qualified and competent teachers whose aims and objectives are to ensure that the best students are produced yearly. On getting to this location, you may wonder if this institution is really in Africa because of the high level of commitments sown towards work and that is to say education in Africa is advanced in this present age.


Also on the list of nursing colleges in Cape Town, Healthnicon Nursing College was established in 1995. This private nursing college is not able to be among the earliest nursing college in South Africa. It is recognized by the South African Nursing Council (SANC). With conducive learn environment, the institution offers diverse programs for individuals who intend to move into the nursing line or profession and they include; pediatric short course, palliative short course, and short courses for prospective nurses in community health care, auxiliary nurses. Aside from this, individuals with interest in nursing are allowed to enroll in diverse courses all of which depends on the time limit.  This College in Cape Town, South Africa is situated at Kort St, Bellville, Cape Town, 7530, South Africa; the college is a prestigious institution that has produced quality and efficient nurses in South Africa.


This Nursing School in Cape Town, South Africa is home to both local and international students who desire to study in South Africa. Located at Klipfontein Rd, Heideveld, Cape Town, 7764, South Africa, this College has international learning facilities for various degrees of students coming into the nation to achieve their academic goals. With a large number of students into the institution, the college management ensured that the necessary facilities needed to accommodate their increasing populations are made available thereby avoiding infrastructural collapse.

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There are numerous colleges of nursing scattered all around the state of South Africa, some of which are privately own and others are owned by the government. Considering the fact that in the medical field medical doctors cannot do it all alone, there is a need for medical doctors to involve the assistance of the nurses. In the world today, the job or position of nurses has evolved, that is there are now private home nurses who are employed to provide care and essential medical services to patients and other individuals at their places of residence. In South Africa, there are three categories of nurses which are:

  1. Registered Nurses or Nursing Sisters: These nurses are tasked with the responsibility of supervising enrolled auxiliary nurses and they also perform other nursing responsibilities just like their counterparts in other countries.
  2. Enrolled Nurses: The enrolled nurses are supervised by registered nurses also they exercise certain functions available within their scope of practice and it is limited in nature.
  3. Enrolled Nursing Auxiliaries: This category of nurses carries out the basic ward procedures which are usually non-technical in nature like bed bathing a patient.


  1. They take care of patients in hospitals.
  2. Provide medical support to doctors and patients and also in the absence of medical doctors their presence is relevant.
  3. Monitors the operations of daily routine within the clinics, hospitals, or other medical facilities.
  4. They ensure that the patients are regularly updated about drugs/ medications they are expected to follow in other to achieve full recovery from the illness.
  5. They safeguard/ take care of vital records within their operation of service.
  6. Quality service delivery to patients.

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It is absolute that the presence, efforts, and dedication of nurses in the world of medical science cannot be overemphasized. Despite the value placed on medical doctors, reports have it that the closer you are with a sick or ill person the better such a person’s chances of fully recovering from the illness and this has really been actualized with the presence of nurses in rural health centers, clinics, urban hospitals, etc.

As far as the nursing profession is concerned, no matter where an individual operates either privately or in a government setting, the relevance of a nurse is usually felt because nurses are generally caring givers.  

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