Move to the Netherlands, discover five reasons to visit the Netherlands for a wonderful vacation

The Netherlands – or the Netherlands, as it is officially known – is found in Western Europe, which borders the North Sea, Belgium and Germany. Its waters also border the United Kingdom as well as Denmark and Norway.

The Netherlands is famous for many things, not least social tolerance, dams and windmills, but much more than a collection of stereotypes offers visitors from all over the world.

1. Amsterdam

If you are planning a trip to the country of tulips, where better to start your trip than in Amsterdam – the capital of the Netherlands and diverse cultural activities. It promises and delivers something for everyone, whatever suits you. It features canals full of history, galleries, beautiful gardens and gardens, a tour of the Royal Palace and the infamous Red Light District, where prostitution and cannabis are legal and the latter is sold in cafes.

2. Windmills

Okay, so that may be a stereotype, but no visit to the Netherlands would be complete without incorporating one of the country’s most famous and impressive features. Located in the cool Dutch countryside, especially (but surprisingly) in the windmill area, you can find old windmills that make the perfect postcard. There are 19 windmills on the Kinderdijk World Heritage List that are considered the best in the country. They are either round or octagonal and some are open to guests.

3. Cheese

The city of Alkmaar is located north of Amsterdam and is famous for preserving 17th-century sculptural patterns. However, it has its place on the list for a magnificent cheese market – held on Friday mornings in the summer and opens at dawn. The sales process involves applause, but sometimes purchases are made by porters. The market closes at noon but do not end your visit there. A walk around the old town is necessary, as many of the houses are hundreds of years old.

4. Museums

The Dutch art movement started in Amsterdam, which is home to some truly inspiring museums and museums. The Rijksmuseum is one of the locals who is especially proud of it as it has the largest art museum in the country. However, if your tastes are particularly relevant to the works of Van Gogh and Rembrandt, then they each have a special collection that is well worth a visit. Fans of modern art are better off than taking the museum to the recommended Stedelijk Museum.

5. Eindhoven

If you prefer a more modern way of life, why not visit Eindhoven – a symbol of design and technology in the Netherlands, with Phillips’ famous factory, but also a nightlife venue, thanks to its many top bars and restaurants. However, it still has plenty of cultural attractions, including the Van Abbermuseum – a stunning structure designed by Abel Cahen that offers a variety of interesting contemporary art exhibitions.

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