Move to Canada – Here is an overview of the selection criteria of the Quebec immigration system

The deportation group selected from Quebec is the third group of people entitled to emigrate to Canada.

In this category, any qualified or professional person planning to live in Montreal or another city in the province of Quebec can apply. The selection of these candidates is based on different criteria than those of candidates who want to settle elsewhere in Canada. The Quebec Immigrant System is designed to indicate the potential and potential for the success of an individual in Quebec.

Once the selection is complete, those who pass will receive the certificate of their choice from Quebec and can then obtain a visa to Canada.

To be eligible for this certification, candidates must score enough points under the Quebec Electoral System. The single candidate must score at least 60 points and the candidate, accompanied by another family member, must score at least 68 points.

Below is a summary of the selection criteria for the Quebec immigration system.

  • Education: up to 19 points
  • – Employment: up to 15 points and the minimum requirement is 8 points
  • Work experience: up to 10 points, 1 level required
  • Age: up to 10 points
  • Language skills: up to 24 points
  • – Visits and connections to Quebec: up to 9 points
  • – The couple’s characteristics: up to 17 points
  • Child support: up to 8 points
  • Financial independence: 1 point and this is the minimum requirement
  • Adaptability: up to 10 points

You see, when it comes to financial independence, you only get one point and at the same time the minimum score you need to score one point. This means that if you are not financially independent, you can not apply for this category. In my Immigration Advisor you can find information on the minimum requirements for financial independence. You also have access to the points system for all of the above criteria.

All candidates must pass and pass medical and safety inspections conducted by the Canadian government. Applicants in this category are not evaluated on the basis of selection criteria for the category of craftsmen (federal states), because the Canadian authorities recognize the selection of candidates who meet the selection criteria for immigration to Quebec. However, as described above, applicants must first be selected for a Quebec certificate.

After that, they must submit an application for permanent residency to Canadian citizenship and immigration. The CIC will then evaluate your application in accordance with Canadian immigration regulations.

Once again, I would like to emphasize that craftsmen in Quebec are not evaluated according to the criteria for selecting the six factors described in my previous articles. It is recommended that before submitting your application to the Quebec District Authority, visit the Immigration du Québec website as your selection criteria may change at any time.

In My Immigration Advisor, you have direct access to this site and you can check for possible changes at any time.

The candidates in this class are mainly people who know French because the most widely spoken language in Quebec is French.

For more information and step-by-step immigration reports to Quebec, contact my Immigration Advisor and initiate proceedings immediately.

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