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Farmworkers mainly have the skills for this activity. Many people do not need to have a higher education before starting work, but animal keepers usually require higher education in addition to their previous actions. A farmworker is seasonally job which part-time or full-time job.

We are looking for farm workers/fruit pickers in Canada. If you have the skills of a farmworker, you have come to the right place.


In addition to crop workers and labourers, many responsibilities are also related to the growth and accumulation of grains, greens, nuts and other flowers.

In addition to seeds, pruning, irrigation, and harvesting, the plant also needs to transport a certain proportion of plants and a large amount of vegetation.

Farmworkers also use herbicides, fertilizers and pesticides on plants. In addition to some ranch equipment, they also restored fences.

They also plant, water, trim, weed and spray plants. They may reduce, roll, and stack turf; cut wood, bandage, tie up vegetation to fill orders; and collect or relocate bushes and bushes planted in the field.


  • Harvest and evaluate plants manually.
  • Irrigate farm dirt and keep ditches or pipes and pumps
  • Operation and maintenance of agricultural machinery
  • Spray plant foods or pesticides to control fungi, weeds and pests
  • Use a wheelbarrow or tractor to move hedges, plants and trees.
  • Feed the animals and clean and disinfect their pens, cabinets, cages and lawns
  • Analyze animals to find signs and symptoms of disease or injury
  • Use labels, tattoos or brand names to mark animals to identify ownership and quality
  • Graze animals on pastures or pastures, trucks or various other enclosures
  • Give injections to protect pets from the disease.

Salary Range:

10 – 20$/Hr

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