Khama Billiat Salary Per Month

This Zimbabwe talented football player was born in Harare. He was born on August 19th, 1990. He is a young talented footballer that base in South Africa in Africa Continent. He is from a good Christian home that is well devoted. Malfakose Clinic is the name of the clinic where Khama Billiat was born into some twenty-seven years ago. Valentine, the senior brother of Khama Billiat and Lisa who is the younger sister to him are the only two siblings of Khama.


  • Full Name: Khama Billiat
  • Age/Date Of Birth: August 19, 1990
  • Career: Professional Footballer
  • Position: Midfielder
  • Salary Per Month: R220,000
  • Net Worth: $2.5 Million
  • Club: Kaizer Chiefs
  • Club Country: South Africa
  • Nationality: Zimbabwean


Khama started his football career when he was in Grade six in Switzerland. He also schooled in Lord Malvern when he was in grade one in school before going back to Switzerland to continue his educational career. The name of his parents is Mustafa and Rosa. He was trained under a famous man known as Cheche. Cheche during the early days of Khama Billiat’s football career took him as one of his own. To him, Khama is his biological son before he died.

When Khama was still in grade three, Gwinyiro primary school was the name of the school where Khama Billiat kick-started his first team as a footballer.

Because of his impressive performance in Gwinyiro primary school as a football player, Marc Duvilard, who is the manager of Aces Academy found interest in the signing of this great youngster as one of his players for a playing period of six years contracts.

Khama Billiat was trained in the Aces Academy which his father, Mustafa is still grateful for till today for the great assistance it played in bringing out the very best from his son. Khama is the type of football player that is very comfortable in playing and scoring goals with both of his legs because he can possibly play in any wing on the pitch be in on jersey number seven, eight or ten. He is a happily married man with a daughter called Kimberly and his wife’s name is Esnath Munyedawa.  

In South Africa, Khama Billiat plays as a midfielder. He is one of the football players that made up the national players team of Zimbabwe. But currently, he plays as a winger.



On August 20th, 2010 in Ajax Cape Town, Khama Billiat displayed his professional football style when he scored a winning 4-3 goal after the 1-1 draw against Mamelodi Sundowns during the 2018 MTN eight quarterfinal tournament at Athlone Stadium.

After barely three months of graduating from Aces Academy in Harare, Ajax Cape Town signed him as one of their players during the summer period of the year 2010 from the CAPS United of the Zimbabwe club.

Khama Billiat on July 21st, 2012 received very high praise from the Rio Ferdinando who is the defender of the club of the Manchester United club during the club’s visit off session period where a draw line of 1-1 was played in Ajax Cape Town.

Khama Billiat was tagged as the exciting and agile player that people just have to watch out too because of his way of controlling the ball and his great speed by that Manchester Defender Rio Ferdinando.


On August 19th, 2013, Khama Billiat signed to Mamelodi Sundowns as one of their team players for a period of five years contract after his trial era he has with the Lokomotiv Moscow club in the month of July on the year 2013.

In the month of August on the year, 2013 marked the day Khama Billiat made his debut in the Sundowns during the match that was between Platinum Stars and his club Mamelodi Sundowns. Billiat scored his first goal in his club Mamelodi Sundown in the scoreline of 2-1 when his club played against Bidvest Wits almost a month he joined the club.

Khama scored a Bidvest Wits brace on the month of November 21st, 2017. 

Khama Billiat Salary Per Month
Khama Billiat

Khama Billiat agreed to be part of the Kaizer Chiefs Football club on a few days it was made public that he came down to Kaizer from his former club Mamelodi Sundowns on the month of June 2018.


This young talented football player called the Khama Billiat had been a very key player that has represented the national team of Zimbabwe at diverse youth levels.

During the time various qualifying matches and different friendly matches were scheduled, that was when the time of a 2013 Africa Cup of Nations, (AFCON), Billiat has been a very popular football player in the attacking midfield and a regular starter for the warriors of Zimbabwe.

In a qualifying match of 2013 Africa Cup Of Nations, Billiat scored a very wonderful goal which now stands as his second debut when his country Zimbabwe played against Mali on the scoreline win that ended 1-0 on the month of March 26th, 2011.

During a friendly match between Zimbabwe and Zambia in the month of August 2011, just barely a few months after the Africa Cup of Nations qualifying matches were played was the same year when this young footballer scored his premier goal for his country Zimbabwe.

During the period of the 2017 version of the Africa Cup of Nation abbreviated as AFCON, Khama Billiat was one of the players that played for his country’s national team.


The honors this youngster footballer of Zimbabwe has received both as a person and as a club are listed below.


In the period of 2015-2016, Mamelodi Sundowns which is the club Billiat is one the players received a Telkom Knockout Honor. The Telkom Knockout Honor is the name of the football or soccer that is one the South Africa’s Premier Competition Soccer League. It is one of the Premier Competition Soccer League because of the sponsorship program. It is also a soccer league that is made up of sixteen team players at the qualifying stage, thirty players at the group stage. It was established as a soccer league in the year 1982. The Billiat’s football club has collected a total number of thirteen titles as one of the most successful and prominent clubs.

During the football year of 2014-2015, The Mamelodi Sundowns was among the few successful football clubs that are in South Africa that has been recognized and awarded a tittle during the Championship Africa Football Super Cup tournament that was abbreviated as CAF.  The Championship Africa Football Super Cup Tournament was established as one of the tournaments that will be observed in South Africa on the year 1993. These Khama’s Football club called the Mamelodi Sundowns has won or has been given a total of six titles in the 2015-2016 soccer league tournament.

Thirdly, the Billiat Football club Kaizer Chiefs was also one of the important and the most successful Football club that has been recognized in South Africa because of the thirteen titles it has received so far in the years 2013 -2014, and in the year 2014 -2015. The Kaizer Club has received these football titles from a soccer league called the Nedbank Club which is described as one of the most prominent soccer leagues that is inside South Africa’s Premier club football knockout tournament. It is one of the very few tournaments with some prominent benefits which all the football clubs present in South Africa are always looking up to in every football season or year. This premier soccer league was established in the year 1971. Currently, The Nedbank soccer league cup is the most preferred name of South Africa’s premier club football knockout tournament that was founded with a total number of thirty-two number of teams.

The Khama Billiat football club has also received an honor from the national sports association that its primary function is to bring in or register the two expertise or specialize football divisions that are in South Africa, and that national sports association is the Premier Soccer League. This Premier Soccer League is a league that can be compared with the premier league that is been played by some clubs such as Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester City and other big clubs in England.

The Football Club the Zimbabwe’s footballer youngster is as one of their team in South Africa has also received a total number of eleven titles from the Championship of the Africa Football abbreviated as CAF champions league in the year 2011. This Championship Africa Football champions league is a yearly continental club football competition that is been organized and coordinated wholly by the Confederation of Africa Football which was founded currently as in their format on the year 1997. The Khama’s Football club received those titles because it is one of the biggest and the successful football club that is inside South Africa.


Because of his impressive performance of this youngster and other two players of the Sundowns players in the just concluded confederation of Africa Football Champions League Team has made his net worth to increase to $2.5 million.


Khama Billiat is regarded as the richest footballer that Zimbabwe has now with a transfer salary fee of R220,000 monthly.


Khama has bought a numerous possession of cars to his name. And the name of those cars is Tendai Ndove, Pirates, and the Khama’s ride.

Apart from cars, Khama has a beautiful mansion.


Individually, Khama Billiat has performed magnificently well as a footballer over the years, and because of that extraordinary performance of his has made him be recognized in South Africa and in the whole globe as a whole.

Some of the awards that he has received so far in his professional career as a footballer are as follow;

Khama Billiat has been awarded as the Premier Soccer League player’s player of the season on the year 2016.

In the year 2016 again, he received an honor of the premier soccer league player of the year. And then

On that same year 2016, he receives an award as the premier soccer league midfielder of the year.

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In summarizing this write up about the net worth of Khama Billiat, one can see that good work pays, also that there is nothing like be diligence and accountable in anything one finds doing in life. Additionally, it is always nice that one finds out the career that works for him, stick to it and try as much as possible to develop it for greater results.

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