Infinix Zero 5 Price in Tanzania Uganda


Only in the previous day, 14th of November 2017, Transsion Holdings unveiled Infinix Zero 5 as the latest smartphone from the stables of Infinix –one of the global smartphone brands. A multitude of smartphone buyers –particularly those who fancy Infinix phones –had been brimming with great anticipation. But just yesterday, Infinix came up with its latest release –Infinix Zero 5 –during an occasion in the UAE capital, Dubai. In the previous year (2016), Infinix Zero 4 was launched and right now, Infinix has taken great steps forward with the introduction of Infinix Zero 5 into its lineup of smart devices { Infinix Zero 5 Price In Tanzania }.

Interestingly, Infinix Zero 5 is accompanied by a senior counterpart –Infinix Zero 5 Pro. Meanwhile, this is a clear indication that Infinix has done something very typical of last year’s Infinix Zero 4 which also came with a Pro counterpart –Infinix Zero 4 Pro.

Infinix Zero 5 Price in Tanzania Uganda

As regards certain specifications, the pair of Infinix Zero 5 and Infinix Zero 5 Pro share similarities but in this article, we’re committed to reviewing the key specifications and the impressive features which distinguish Infinix Zero 5 as one of the giant smartphones to buy in 2017.
A pretty amount of smartphones have been released in 2017 and experienced smartphone buyers can testify to the fact that many of these phones sport amazing specifications which should always trigger buyers to spend their last pennies. Back to the core of this article, Infinix Zero 5 comes with some of the top-notch features modern smartphone buyers always crave for. In that case, one of the amazing features of the device is its whopping RAM capacity of 6GB. Without doubts, long-term users of high-quality smartphones should realize the efficiency this will guarantee in terms of heavy uses and smooth running of high-quality applications. Finally, let’s review the amazing features of Infinix Zero 5 one after the other.

Features and Specs of Infinix Zero 5 Price In Tanzania Uganda



In design, Infinix Zero 5 is beautified with a metal casing and the body of the device seems to have no bezels. The design of Infinix Zero 5 is typical of what is seen in Tecno Phantom 8 and this gives it one of the most sparkling smartphone designs. With regard to colour options, buyers will have the advantage to obtain Infinix Zero 5 in a variety of sparkling colours including red. As a device featured with a bezel-less body, Infinix Zero 5 apparently fits into the guild of bezel-less smartphones including the pair of Samsung S8 and Samsung S8 Plus.
Infinix Zero 5 is featured with a vibrant and full HD display. In size, the screen measures 5.98 inches and this is accompanied by the aspect ratio of 18:9. The display of Infinix Zero 5 comes in the well-known edge-to-edge style.


Infinix has built its Zero 5 to run on the popular Android Nougat version 7.0. It runs on this operating system in line with XOS Hummingbird –a user interface designed by Infinix.

Recently, Infinix has been giving OS upgrade to its smartphones. With this, we’re convinced that by the time the smartphone brand releases the stable version of Infinix Zero 5, the operating system of the device will have been updated to Android Oreo v8.0. For an impressive performance rate, Infinix Zero 5 is excellently built with an Octa-core processor (with MediaTek Helio P25) operating at 2.6GHz. Considering its massive 6GB RAM and several other giant features, it would seem inconsiderate for Infinix Zero 5 to come with a lower processor rate such as 1.3GHz.

Infinix Zero 5 is massively built with the RAM capacity of 6GB. Without any doubts, this is one of the strong points of the device and a factual reason to believe it is a top-notch contender in the mobile industry. To double up the memory department, Infinix Zero 5 comes with an inbuilt memory capacity of 64GB. This is another impressive feature of the device as buyers will surely store high-quality files on an even broader scale. But again, Infinix allows users to widen the internal memory –via an external SD card –to a whopping extent of 2TB.


Undoubtedly, Infinix Zero 5 fits perfectly into the category of premium smartphones released in 2017. This is because the device sports many of the superb features modern smartphone buyers expect each time they wish to buy premium Android phones. Infinix Zero 5 is greatly admired majorly because it sports some of the exquisite features in Tecno Phantom 8.

Although Infinix Zero 5 is designed with several other impressive features, many reviews have been held about the camera department. As usual, Infinix Zero 5 is featured with an amazing dual set-up for the primary camera. Therefore, the primary camera exquisitely combines 12MP and 13MP paired with a 2x optical zoom. Based on reviews, the primary camera is further designed with added features such as a telephoto lens. Impressively, these will give users the awesome photography they desire. For diehard selfie lovers, there is a 16MP front-situated camera perfectly built with a wide-angle lens.

Infinix Zero 5 Price in Tanzania Uganda

Recent smartphones have been rated for specific top-quality features but unfortunately, some of these smartphones come with inconsiderate battery capacities that might not serve heavy users very well. But here, Infinix Zero 5 has proved its worth with an enormous battery capacity of 4350mAh and this is just why buyers of the device should expect awesome moments of heavy uses without worrying about short battery life.


  • Connectivity set-up comprising LTE (4G), WCDMA (3G) and GSM (2G) networks
  • 6.0-inch screen featured a full HD touch-screen with a screen resolution of 1080 x 1920
  • Dual set-up for primary/back camera (12MP + 13MP built with a telephoto lens)
  • Front-facing camera pegged at 16MP (built with a wide-angle lens)
  • Additional connectivity options including OTG, Bluetooth (v4.2), Wi-Fi, GPS, gyroscope and fingerprint
  • RAM space of 6GB
  • ROM set-up of 64GB (capable of being upgraded to 2TB via a micro SD card)
  • Octa-core processor pegged at 2.6GHz (paired with MediaTek Helio P25
  • OS of Android Nougat 7.0 in line with Infinix’s XOS UI

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