France Embassy In Tanzania: Contact Address, Visa Application, Appointment…

france embassy in Tanzania

France Embassy In Tanzania: Contact Address, Visa Application, Appointment Details. France which is one of the largest European country which receives more than 80 million foreigners visitors yearly and they have the first spot in tourist arrival in the world.  France has a lot of attractions and destinations that there is not so much think of that is not being offered in the country. The French embassy and consulates around the world serve millions of people with applications every year.

It is not very difficult to get a visa to France and due to the fact that many come from different corners of the globe. You can easily find French diplomatic mission in almost all countries. 

France Embassy In Tanzania: Contact Address, Visa Application, Appointment Details

The consulate department of the French embassy around the world offers a wide range of consular services to French citizens living or travelling abroad and also local citizens. The embassy provides passport application renewals, visa application, signatures certificates and documents legislation and many more.

france embassy in Tanzania

The French embassy in Tanzania, is also playing the same role which is stated above. When you contact the French embassy in Tanzania, you can have detailed on the range of consular and other services.


There are some required documents which an applicant needs for processing of the visa, which are;

  • Visa application form
  • Valid passport for at least six months
  • One photograph 
  • Purpose of your visit

The purpose of your visit, is also going to determine the other documents that are needed which you need to bring. If you are on a business mission you will need some documents which are;

  • Provide a detailed invitation letter from your host, this letter should contain
    • Travel dates,
    • Airport, detail
    • Address and
    • full contacts of the host.

Visiting friends will require some documents from you which are;

  • copy of an invitation letter of your host,
  • including full contacts

Tourists are to provide documents like;

  • photocopies of hotel bookings,
  • airline ticket,
  • bookings from a tour operator in case participating in a tourist travel.

Lots of requirements are already needed, especially for the business mission.

If applying through mail, send a registered self addressed stamped envelope. Processing time of the visa is three working days. Vaccinations for yellow fever and a treatment for malaria is recommended.


An applicant must schedule an appointment, the processing time might be up to 15 days depending on the application. It should be noted that you are suppose to be in the embassy on time otherwise your appointment will be cancelled.

Visas are now biometric, as an applicant you are advised to submit your application for the period for the case of fingerprint collection. There are some following rules which we found helpful and can be of great importance to you.

  1. All foreign nationals waiting to come to France must be able to submit statutory documentary evidence at the border for the reason of their stay, means of accommodation arrangement and support.
  2. Visa application form and fees depends on the duration of the stay (less or more than 90 days).
  3. Unless you are exempted, it is necessary that you have a visa.

We have the short term visa and the long term visa. Now lets share more information about this.

  • Short term visa is for a visit not exceeding 90 days
  • While a long term visa is for a visit that is exceeding 90 days.

Tanzanians transiting through France must hold a transit visa. Those who would love to come to France on a daily basis maybe eligible for a circulation visa which is valid up to 5 years.

Getting a visa and travelling to a French country is a dream come true for many people. Many find it hard, to get all the information which are needed. This article have been proven to be the best solution to your problem not knowing the right information can be very risky.

Moving on to the next section of this article is the contact list. The contact list for the French embassy in Tanzania is available as you can easily get it. We will be revealing to you the France embassy in Tanzania, contact list and many information which you need to know.


Having the contact list of the embassy is as important as knowing much about them. There are several reasons why it is suitable for you as an applicant which are booking an appointment with the French embassy for your visa application process which states that instead of running over to their office, you can as well place a call to try and reach them.

Technology have been made to make things easier, you can’t compare booking a flight now and then. There is a much bigger difference, as certain things can easily be done from the comfort of your home. Below are the contact information which has been gathered so you can reach them.

France embassy In Tanzania Contacts Address { Dar es Salaam }

Address: Ali Hassan Mwingi road , Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

  • Postal code: P>O Box 2349
  • Phone local: (022) 219 8800
  • International: +255 22 219 8800
  • Fax local: 022 219 8815
  • Fax international: +255 22 219 8815
  • Gmail:
  • Website:

France is a very good country to travel to, the country is full of great things and learning their language alone, guarantees you a good job in different places, as French is spoken in many parts of the world. The language is rated second to English in the world. France has lots of exciting things in their countries, tourist activities and many others which are available for sight seeing.

French embassy is one of the most popular embassises in Tanzania as many come there daily to process one document or the other.

We believe this article was helpful to you, as lots of information have been passed through here. Many things you do not know about the embassy have been stated here and a lot have been talked about, we wish you goodluck in processing a French visa and make sure you enjoy your stay there.



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