Five essential tips to be considered as immigrants before moving abroad to work

Moving abroad to work can be a challenging but rewarding experience. Offering a variety of opportunities to both improve your career and gain new life experiences, this is an option that many consider. If you want to apply for a new position as a resident of another country, be sure to read these essential tips for moving abroad to work.

1. Passports and visas

Early preparation for work abroad is essential and includes making sure that you have been granted a visa during your stay. You will also need your passport, and it is recommended that you have more than six months before it expires when you return to the UK. (Top tip: Have extra passport photos with you if you need to change them while you are away.)

2. Important documents

It is also advisable to bring necessary documents, such as a birth certificate, driver’s license and educational qualifications if you are asked to do so once abroad. It is also essential to familiarize yourself with medical treatment if you need to buy insurance or register with the country’s health care system.

3. Language

Although English is the third most common mother tongue in the world, there are many countries where it is not widely spoken. Many jobs abroad require the employee to be able to speak at least the basics of the native language, so if you are not already fluent, it is highly recommended that you learn before applying for the role.

4. Understand the culture and customs of the country

Whether you are hoping to work in Spain or Dubai, you must familiarize yourself with the culture and customs of that particular country. Anything that may be acceptable in the UK might be offensive or even illegal elsewhere, so it would be wise to learn such things before your flight to be safe. Religions and traditions are also different around the world, and it may be helpful for you to learn about them before you come too.

5. Evaluate a contract with the employer

If you are successful when applying for a job in another country, you should check your contract very carefully. If they are looking for an employee from the UK, it is likely that they already have some knowledge in this area. However, it is still recommended that you familiarize yourself with situations such as finance, accommodation and transport. Find out if your new employer will continue to pay you if they run into financial difficulties and if not, make sure you have enough financial security to protect yourself if this happens.

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