Firefighter Salary In South Africa And Details

Firefighter Salary In South Africa and Details About Them. Firefighter’s career is a noble and rewarding profession. Apart from firefighting, these professionals respond to first-aid calls and have CPR certification. In the United States, Canada, and Australia, firefighters pay around $ 46,000. Firefighters in New Zealand and the United Kingdom make an equivalent of $ 30,000. We taking a look at the Firefighter Salary In South Africa.

Many things influence the firefighter’s wages, from the level of experience to type of work, to various certifications and training. In addition, benefits, bonuses and job prospects vary from country to country. If you are interested in becoming a firefighter, find out how it is a firefighter in different places around the world. 

Firefighter Salary In South Africa

Pay per level of experience for the firefighter

Paying for the experience of the firefighter has a positive trend. A fireman at the entry-level with less than five years of experience can expect an average total salary of 104,000 rands on the basis of 274 salaries provided by anonymous users. The average total fee includes tips, bonuses, and wages for overtime. A firefighter with an average career experience that includes employees with 5 to 10 years of experience can expect an average total compensation of 143 thousand wounds based on 107 wages. An experienced fireman who includes employees with 10 to 20 years of experience can expect an average total compensation of 186,000 rands on the basis of 52 wages. A firefighter with experience and over 20 years of experience can expect an average total compensation of 208,000 rands on 18 wages.

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  • How Much Can You Earn In A Year?

The average salary of a firefighter for individual countries is shown in the table below. Pay scale is used to obtain data from a table. The exception to this rule is New Zealand, and this information was provided by Firefighter New Zealand.

Firefighter SalaryUSCanadaUKAustraliaNew ZealandIndiaSouth Africa
Hourly Pay$14.00C$26.00 ($19.83)E13.85* ($14.74)AU$24.00 ($18.00)NZ20.75 ($14.80)Rs 132.69* ($1.95)R58.00 ($4.29)
Annual Pay$45,807C$60,978 ($46,501)E28,825 ($30,679)AU$66,786 ($50,092)NZ$39,808 ($28,398)Rs 276,000 ($4,051)R129,396 ($9,574)

An important difference in the firefighters industry is whether they are paid or volunteered. While paid firefighters receive wage increases, benefits, and wage increases based on experience, volunteer firefighters do not get the minimum wage and These amounts are estimated from the annual payment. Price per hour was not included.


Information on salary ranges, impact on the experience, benefits received, and the relationship of firefighters. Although actual pay may look different from other websites, the overall payout and impact of several factors are consistent. The only country that had data from another location was New Zealand.



The price per hour for firefighters in the United States is $ 10.01 to $ 26.91 with an overtime rate of $ 14.70 to $ 49.09. The annual salary amounts to $ 29,517 to $ 77,235. An additional fee has the form of a bonus of up to $ 8,082 and a fee of $ 5,087. The total home payment amounts from $ 26,058 to $ 75,361.


Firefighters in Canada range from $ 44,366 to $ 93,976 with a $ 2,300 premium. When viewed from an hourly point of view, the salary amounts to 17.61 to 40.34 HRK, while the overtime pay is 66.89 HRK. The total salary is $ 40,414 to $ 93,630.


Firefighters in the United Kingdom will receive a salary of € 19,586 to € 35,854. No bills, fees, commissions, and hourly reports have been reported. It can, therefore, be assumed that the total wage is paid.


Ten percentile recipients in Australia earn $ 48,073 at $ 97,418 for 90 percentile users. These professionals earn a bonus of 15,000 Australian dollars. The price per hour is 16.22 USD to 33.54 HRK. Overtime is between AUD 6.04 and AUD 238.39. The annual salary ranges from $ 44,674 to $ 97,312.


The weekly fire brigade in New Zealand amounts to $ 829.34. This is a basic salary, and overtime will naturally increase this amount. In addition, the employer’s contributions will also increase the amount of salary. Monthly, this amount is $ 3,316. Firefighters who train earn less, and older firefighters earn more.


Firefighters in India have a payroll range of 101,367 to 1,183,591 US dollars. Payscale has no bonuses or pays per hour. The lower end of the band corresponding to the tenth percentile payout of the recipient and the peak corresponds to the 90th percentile. The median number is much closer to the 10th percentile.


Firefighting rates in South Africa are 21,756 to 20,095 rand. Those professionals could earn a bonus from R979 to R17, 977. The clock is from R8.17 to R96.74 with overcurrent speed to R209.52. Full payout amounts to 22 073 to 19 854 rands.


There are six levels of experience in New Zealand. These levels employ a firefighter, a firefighter, a qualified firefighter, a senior firefighter, a senior officer and a senior officer of the station. After completing the training required and the progress of fire-fighting qualification.

Canadian firefighters see gradual growth with a slight increase during the first five years of employment.

As firefighters gain experience in South Africa, their salary ranges from 120,000 to 190,000.

In the UK, payments are rapidly increasing in the first 15 years and then reduced without significant increases.

Experienced firefighters in the United States have a strong growth of 10 to 20 years of experience with more than 20 years of experience.

work with firefighters when they can.

The biggest difference between a paid or volunteer firefighter is the place where you work. In New Zealand, there may be paid volunteers and volunteers working in the same fire station. In the United States, you will most likely work in a volunteer environment or paid firefighters. In major cities, firefighters usually pay as part of public security, while in rural or suburban areas volunteers.


The paid firefighters will work according to the shifts schedule. Usually, firefighters work three or four consecutive days and then have the same number of free days. This does not mean that firefighters do not rest, sleep or break. They live in the station during work days, and then at home when they are absent. While at the station, they are still on duty and must stop everything they do if they get an emergency call. When turned off, they are not in use.


Firefighters have one of the greatest benefits because they can help people in need. However, tangible benefits are also important. Fire-fighters working for the city receive retirement and health care. They can also receive holidays, paid vacations and possible early retirement.

Another benefit of a firefighter is that you must work as a team to achieve the goal. It helps people to feel valued and is an important part of what needs to be done. The table below shows the health benefits received by the country.

CountryAustraliaCanadaIndiaSouth AfricaUnited StatesUnited KingdomNew Zealand


Firefighters will always be needed because there is always the possibility of a fire or an accident. In the United States, employment growth is expected to grow by about 5% to 2024. One reason they did not increase the available positions is that the buildings became elastic on fire and knowledge of how to prevent fires.

Become a fireman is a competitive process. One of the reasons for this is that the only educational requirement is a secondary school Cert. Firefighters who also own paramedical training will be market candidates. Those who work with forest fires or fires can see their fields increase due to changing weather conditions.

After the details of Firefighter Salary In South Africa, let’s get to know more about Firefighters

A Job Description For A FireFighter

Firefighters work for counties, airports and other state and private organizations, and their primary responsibility is to protect communities that serve from various disasters. Turn off the fire by burning buildings, houses, forests, cars, etc. and they also serve as the first answer in other emergencies, primarily medical emergencies and rescuing pets or injured animals.

High school diploma or GED is the minimum requirement for this position, while some employers require an additional degree or more. Firefighters must be in excellent physical condition and place background checks, drug tests and physical and physical health checks, such as relevant provisions of the National Fire Protection Association’s brochure. They must also have computer skills and be able to use the applications of relevant programs.

Firefighters must have valid driving licenses and clear driving data. Before they are hired, they must pass various tests, and then participate in various community programs, such as fire protection and inspection activities. Firefighters often attend community fairs to show their children and adults their fire trucks and answer their questions.

Firefighters have to be flexible with their time since fire departments must be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the ability to function well in a team environment is necessary for success in the business and maintenance of safe world. It must be able to work in stressful and dangerous situations, and interpersonal and communication skills are also important in order to ensure the safety of all involved. Some may travel from time to time to assist firefighters in other counties or states. (

Firefighter Tasks

  • Turn off and control fires using shovel or water pumps.
  • Public education on fire safety and prevention.
  • Always keep in touch with emergency services and ask for additional resources if necessary.
  • Coordinate with other firefighters as a crew member.


Firefighters have a valuable job and teamwork to save lives and preserve building loss. They get a good salary for the amount of education needed to become a firefighter. A fire brigade can be good for you if you like to help people and devote themselves to public service. Or you can investigate the salary of a private investigator and help the world to be a better place at a different distance.

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