Find out the best cities for vacation, life and work immigration in Mexico

Therefore, you really feel like you want to live and take risks in a foreign country. You might like the idea of ​​Mexico because our neighbours south of the border must provide many conveniences and opportunities. But how do you choose the country to consider? How do the main areas compare? What is the best place to live and work? This is the best city to live and work in Mexico: Mexico City.

Selection factor

The choice is based on the following factors: the number of job opportunities, the size of the metropolitan area, the availability of affordable housing, various cultural and social activities, educational prospects, food, restaurant and dining options, overall quality of life, metropolitan area and others The availability of local public transportation is other. Although this suggestion is not exclusive and does not mean that other regions/cities are not a good choice, it does provide a starting point for those who have not yet decided to try and start. Live and work, such as teaching English on my way south.

Mexico City

The huge population of 25 million people is still increasing. How can the world’s largest metropolis not rank first? Everything you can imagine (and many things you cannot imagine) is within the confines of this seemingly endless city. From art to the historic Zócalo (Zócalo), there is almost nothing to stimulate your mind, heart and spirit. All of this and the seeming lack of native English teachers, translators, interpreters, proofreaders, researchers, teaching interns, computer experts, word processors, teachers, and a steady stream of bilingual or English literacy professionals Ending demand.

The newest, the greatest, the best and almost everything else exists and can serve people. In the centre of Mexico’s vast expanse, all roads lead to Zócalo, a concrete and cobblestone dating back to the Aztec era. With its fast, cheap, and efficient (and packed) subway system, you can reach almost any place where the city sprawls in less than an hour. Seeing as many as 50 job vacancies that can teach English or English in English at the same time, the Mexican news is not unheard of. Most teachers can get a full-time job here in the same week of arrival (usually one or two days). Talk about exaggeration.

But if you want the “charm” of a small town without the sheer scale and opportunities of Mexico City, then why not visit the “small” city of Puebla?

City of Puebla

A short time from DF (Federal District) is located under the smoke of Mexico’s most active volcano. This university town with 1.5 million inhabitants is also known as the original “moor” or chocolate sauce, chilli and mixed spices. cradle. There are many cultures here, and the city is an ideal gateway to Chiapas, Tlaxcala and other regions. Campeche and Yucatan. There is a variety of satisfying and high-paying jobs throughout the year, and its proximity to other exciting areas makes it a prime location. It is an ideal place to visit Popocatépetl volcano and its reclining lover Iztaccihuatl (adjacent top of the mountain).

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