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If you are a New Zealander and have lived here most of your life, you will someday feel the need to travel.

We are located in the southwestern corner of the Pacific Ocean about 12,000,000 miles from the land of our ancestors, most of whom came from Ireland and England.

Until almost 30 years ago, access to these “remote” areas was a major problem. A long and arduous journey that required a lot of planning and was an expensive exercise.

But since we are a kind of adventurers, we wanted to see the world! We were mesmerized by places we only knew from buying properties in the Monopoly Board, places like Park Lane, Bond Street, and Piccadilly Circus, to name a few.

Foreign experience (OE)

So the New Zealanders packed their bags and looked farther to see where their ancestors came from and paved the way for Britain and the United States. When we went on the trip, we tended to stay away for at least two years, and this adventure became known as our “outdoors” and we all loved it.

After two years, most of us have gone home to be close to family and friends again and start our family at home, some have continued to work in the UK, some have married British people and have lived, families and others have traveled incorrectly. I never came home

Of course, today is a different story and since we are so well connected and really connected to the world wide web, travel is fast, easy, and comfortable. A large number of flights in one day made travel very easy and people would not bother to travel to the UK for a business meeting and again the next day!

I’m looking for a job in New Zealand

Returning to New Zealand after a few years of absence has many benefits but it also presents its challenges. We may have lost touch with friends and colleagues and need to re-establish ourselves in our home country, get used to other lifestyles and, most importantly, find work.

How to find a job

Keeping in touch with a network of friends and colleagues will make it easier to get referrals and connect. Otherwise, you have to start from scratch, and finding a job can be a long and difficult process. It can take anywhere from one to three months and sometimes more!

Your resume must be updated to reflect all of your skills, experience, and abilities; This is the number one priority. You want to go to various recruitment sites on the Internet to learn about the current job market and payroll, build relationships with recruitment consultants, attend interviews, and make decisions.

Free job search services are available

Fortunately, there are several free services available for New Zealanders returning home in search of work, making it easy for them to relocate and find the job they want quickly. New Zealand employers are aware of how New Zealanders return to international trade and are deeply grateful for the qualities they bring to the area.

New Kiwis is an initiative of the Chamber of Commerce that is intended to utilize the wealth of talent that returns to New Zealand and looks for work.

You will be pleased to know that many New Zealand companies benefit from outside expertise within their institutions.

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