Dentist Salary in South Africa and Details

Dentist Salary in South Africa. The dentist is a health professional that provides preventative care and heals the teeth, gums, and jaws. The average dentist’s salary in the United States is $ 125,609 compared to Canadian $ 103,425 ($ 82,688) in Canada. In Australia, doctors earn $ 97,059 ($ 75,783), followed by New Zealand $ 86,147 ($ 61,750) in New Zealand and $ 49,368 ($ 56,286) in the UK. The level of income for dentist salary in South Africa is lower than in other countries surveyed in this manual at R422,939 (US $ 31,387), but far above the income in India at 309 559 Rs 4,722.

Dentist Salary In South Africa 

 S/N State Advocate Average Salary 
 1. Entry Level R33,500
 2. Average Salary R422,939
 3. Experienced R771,000


Determining career potential in dentistry requires testing the impact of geographic area, work environment, and work experience.

Tasks of a dentist

  • Administer anesthesia to limit the pain patients have experienced during the procedures.
  • Diagnosis and treat diseases, injuries and informal changes in teeth, right and related oral structures and provide preventative and corrective services.
  • Advise and educate patients about preventative dental care, causes and treatment of dental problems and oral health care services.
  • Browse your teeth, dental and related tissues using dental instruments, X-rays, and other diagnostic devices.

Dentist salary in South Africa, USA, UK and India

How much dentists earn a year?

The annual and hourly wages of US $ conversion are described in the table below.

Country Pay Per Hour Annual Salary

  • US dentist $ 67 $ 125,609
  • Canada CAN $ 52(US $ 41.55) CA $ 103,425 CA (US $ 82,688)
  • United Kingdom 25 pounds (US $ 33.15) ($ 56,286)
  • Australia AU $ 49(US $ 38.27) $ 97,059 (US $ 75,783)
  • New Zealand NZ 41 USD (US $ 29.39) NZ $ 86,147 (61.750 USD)
  • India Rs491 (US $ 7.49) (US $ 4,722)
  • South Africa R206 (15,09 USD) (31.387 USD)

World Dental Salary and Big Mac Index

Another point to consider is the cost of living in a particular country. The cost of life refers to the amount of money needed to maintain a certain standard of living. Generally, this is measured using a basket of goods and services that are considered essential and common consumer goods in all countries compared. When it comes to dental wages as part of the cost of living, we see that if dental pay seems to be high in the country when taken into account in the light of the cost of living and purchasing power.

Let’s try to compare the cost of the lives of the countries mentioned in the Big Mac Index, which was developed in 1986 by The Economist and which uses the Big Mac price in several geographic areas to determine the difference in the purchasing power of the currency.

Some conclusions of two tables:

  • Spain offers the highest salary for dentists, and the cost of living to the Big Mac index is highest in Switzerland.
  • Filipinos doctors earn the lowest salary, and Big Mac prices are the lowest in India.
  • Percentage, although the difference in dental salaries between the United States and India is considerably higher than the difference in the cost of Big Mac, indicating that it is much more cost-effective to be a dentist in the United States. UU It’s in India.
  • Although there is no big difference between Big Mac prices in the UK, Germany, Canada, and Australia, pay differences are significant, particularly between the UK and Germany.

The above data and tables show that some countries certainly value their dentists, in fact, all doctors, more than others, and hence a major trend in the field of dental practitioners in countries like India moving to the United Kingdom or USA UU on the account of a multi-year study how get the necessary dentistry permits. On the other hand, the higher prices of dental treatments in some countries have led to dental tourism, with patients who require complex and expensive procedures for countries like India and Thailand for dental services.

Factors affecting dental salary In South Africa and Other Major Countries data and information give details about earnings and career in dentistry. Read to see the impact of the geographic region, work experience, and work environment on total revenue potential in this area.


  • Dental wages in the United States

Dentists in the United States earn between 75,000 and over $ 212,000 a year. The potential bonus may exceed $ 48,000, and up to $ 15,000 may be possible by paying commission. Some employers offer substantial incentives to divide $ 2,300 profit to nearly $ 20,000,000 a year. If eligible, overtime payments can reach $ 206 per hour in additional revenue. Dentists working in Denver, San Antonio and Seattle reported revenues above the national average of 33%, 17% and 16%.

  • Dental wages in Canada

Dentists at the entrance to Canada earn about $ 59,000 per year, increasing more than three times their experiences to nearly $ 208,000 a year. An additional bonus potential could reach $ 49,000 in CDN and overall revenue could be increased by $ 21,500 in CDN. Some dentists work hourly from C $ 20 to C $ 100 per hour, and overtime pay can add $ 56 more per hour to pay.

  • Dental wages in the UK

UK dentists earn an annual salary of over £ 29,000. It is steadily increasing its pay, reaching the peak of top experts at a rate of about £ 97,000 a year. You can add 10,000 pounds of additional general revenue. Some dentists work with hourly rates up to £ 74 per hour, and overtime pay can range from 9 to 197 per hour above and below the base salary.

  • Dental wages in Australia

Dentists working in Australia earn annual earnings between $ 56,000 and more than $ 184,000. Some may receive additional bonuses, employee benefits, and commission bonuses ranging from $ 500 to $ 57,000. If you work for a payroll, the payload ranges from $ 30 to $ 99 per hour, and overtime is $ 43 per hour of extra income.

  • Dental wages in New Zealand

The initial salary for dentists at the initial level in New Zealand is just over $ 50,000 a year. Revenues increase with additional experience of more than $ 124,000 a year. Those who pay per hour can expect an hourly rate of about $ 41 per hour.

  • Dental pay in India

Salary dentists in India range from 114,000 Rs per year for beginners and 1,200,000 Rs for top professionals. The ability to share bonuses and profits range from Rs750 to almost Rs300,000 additional revenue. Some dentists are paid hourly wages, which averages 499 rupees per hour, while overtime pay can add 95 rupees to 7,000 rupees per hour.

  • Dental wages in South Africa

South African dental surgeons make annual profits of 33,500 rands compared to high-grade dentists who earn about 771,000 rands annually. There are bonus payment options that can add a significant amount to the overall profit in the range of 5,152 to 48,479 rand.


Experience has a positive impact on the potential for general revenue in all countries included in this guide. The first three years of professional dentistry are considered as primary education. While dentists in India earn much less than their counterparts in other parts of the world, the impact of the general expert in income is highest in the country at 1,086,000 rupees a year or 953%.

Quarterly growth is recorded in all regions included in this guide from 253% in Canada followed by the United Kingdom with 234%, South Africa with 230% and Australia with 229%. Initial wages in the US are more than in other parts of the world; income is constantly increasing during the career and reaches about $ 137,000 or 183% more annually for high-level dentists. The lowest difference between entry levels and high income was recorded in New Zealand, where dentists could expect annual revenue growth of 148%.


Dentists work in private practice, clinics, and educational institutions. Most dentists work independently or with other dental experts. Some high dentists decide to dedicate part of their careers to academic training. In the United States, dental care is in the private sector, while in other parts of the world, the national health system finances many dental positions with the private sector using the national wage rate as a guide.
Due to the structure of resources for this position in the world, there is a small variation in earnings per work. Those who are self-employed may have higher incomes and greater flexibility of work than those employed by others.

Working hours

typical working hours for dentists are during normal working hours, Monday through Friday, while some dentists offer a Saturday and an extended time in the morning or evening to adjust the patient’s accessibility. Emergencies may require working hours. Most dentists work full-time, while others decide to return to part-time or enjoy flexible hours.

Bonuses and benefits

Dentists often benefit from health care that includes coverage for medical, dental and eye care; independent experts may be required to provide these advantages themselves. Globally, incentive payments are common, and some people see higher revenues through the sharing of fees and commissions. Leisure time, sick days and holidays are common.

Perspective of work

Employment opportunities for dentists are positive worldwide due to the aging of the world’s population and advanced dental treatments available. The US Office of Labor Statistics has a growth potential of 18% between 2014 and 2024 for dentists, a rate that is much faster than other occupations in the United States. To become a dentist, you must complete a dental school, and most countries require a written and practical test to qualify for licensing.


Dentists must complete graduate studies; wages are high and offer a good return on educational and financial investment. Payment of premiums and benefits is completed, although many dentists are self-employed, and benefits can be financed by their own account. New dentists entering the field of expertise should benefit from good jobs and pay, as growth in this area is expected to remain high in the coming years.

That’s all about Dentist Salary In South Africa.


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