Cyprus Travel Guide-Checking the cost of living, health care, and residence permit in Cyprus

If you have never considered retirement, why not? For retirees, the country is an attractive opportunity, with more than one way. In addition to the sunshine all year round, Cyprus has everything you need for retirement: excellent health care, relatively low cost of a living, comfortable lifestyle, many interesting activities-perhaps the most important for you-retirement-this is A price tax. Too low for retirees.

Maybe you are only a few years away from retirement and future planning. If you are still active, retirement in Cyprus may be the beginning of your new life. Retire in Cyprus, you can enjoy the joy of a new life and beautiful Mediterranean islands, and you will know that, except for all the sunshine, all the necessities of life have been taken care of.

Health services in Cyprus

Another factor that may influence your decision to retire in Cyprus is your level of healthcare, which is an important priority regardless of age. The public and private healthcare institutions in Cyprus are of high standards, and since the Republic of Cyprus is a member of the European Union, pensions from other EU countries are entitled to free or cheap public healthcare. Retirees must receive the E121 form (see contact information above) from the Department of Labour in their home country and the UK. After arriving in Cyprus, you need to take E121 to your clinic or hospital and issue you a medical card. There are two types of health cards, one is free medical care and the other is low-cost medical care. The type of card you receive depends on your annual income (including pension) and personal circumstances. For more information, please visit the website of the Ministry of Health of Cyprus.

Cost of living in Cyprus

If you plan to retire in Cyprus, then the cost of living is another important factor. Although prices have increased in recent years, they are still relatively low, especially when compared to other popular pension facilities. You can buy fresh local fruits and vegetables cheaply during this season, and the average cost of dining at the on-site bar is €16 per person, including wine.

Leisure and golf activities in Cyprus

If you want to do something in all this free time, Cyprus will provide endless entertainment opportunities to keep you busy and active. In winter, hiking and biking, horse riding and various water sports or skiing in the Troodos Mountains can be enjoyed in some beautiful natural areas on the beautiful Akamas Peninsula. These are just a few of the many benefits of enjoying a good outdoor life in Cyprus. There is also a lot of golf-a hobbies that Cyprus retirees like very much. For those who love the game, Cyprus actually has three championship golf courses near Paphos and one golf course near Limassol. The Cyprus Tourism Authority has promised to build 14 golf courses on the island in the next few years. Several famous golfers such as Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus have developed golf courses under the name. The final training course is ongoing outside Larnaca in the village of Tersifano and is scheduled to end in 2010.

Cyprus residence permit

Therefore, if you are sure that Cyprus is a suitable place for your retirement, all you need to know now is how to apply for a residence permit. If you are a citizen of the European Union or a citizen of any other country (including the United States, Canada, and Australia), you can stay in Cyprus for up to 90 days without permission (a complete list of eligible countries can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus). You need to apply for an immigration permit (Category F) through the immigration control department of the police station or the immigration department. There are departments in all major cities. You must submit proof (using the M.67 form) and prove that you have enough annual income to support yourself. The current minimum limit is 5,600 Cypriot pesos (approximately £7,600 / 9,600 euros), although this situation is specifically considered in each case. The amount is per person, plus an additional 2,700 Cypriot pesos (EUR 3,700/approximately 4,600) per elderly person. The residence permit is valid for five years and is usually automatically renewed upon request.

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