Career Advice on Two Legal Ways of Entering Canada when Charged With DUI

Even after completing our sentence, some crimes are still following us. One of these crimes is driving under the influence of DUI. If you have ever been required to comply with DUI laws, entering Canada may not be easy for you. You may not be able to enter at the border and you are not eligible to participate in all Canadian immigration programs.

I know that most people who read this book want to know the easiest way to enter Canada using DUI. Well, I want to tell you this is possible, but it is not easy. Using DUI to enter Canada requires special permits, and to obtain these permits, you will have to complete complex legal procedures. Before starting any of these procedures, you should obtain the help of a legal professional. You have two legal options:

The temporary solution of TRP :

the first method is easier than the second method because it is a solution. You can obtain a temporary residence permit (TRP) to enter the country. If you have a good reason to visit, this permit will allow you to stay in Canada for a limited time. It is also very effective for people who have not yet prepared a permanent criminal rehabilitation solution. However, please keep in mind that it takes some time to obtain the TRP, so you need to apply in advance before the travel date.

Permanent solution for criminal rehabilitation:

In this procedure, the traveller asks the immigration office to forgive him for his previous conviction of DUI. Unlike TRP’s temporary solution, this solution does not require updates to be completely assured. However, obtaining this permission is more difficult. The biggest barrier to obtaining this license is the eligibility criteria. To qualify for criminal rehabilitation, 5 years have passed since you served your sentence. This means that all the conditions you are under, including fines, suspended sentences, driving bans, community services, etc., should be completed 5 years before submitting the application. Only then can you apply for criminal rehabilitation. If you are eligible for this license, that would be great; otherwise, you will have to apply for a TRP.
But before continuing to use these two methods, please don’t forget to accept the advice of an immigration lawyer, because both procedures are very complicated for people who have never dealt with these issues. With the help of legal professionals, you can complete this process faster and easier.