Top 10 Best Secondary Schools In Tanzania

Top 10 Best Secondary Schools in Tanzania

Top 10 Best Secondary Schools In Tanzania. Tanzania is well known as one of the prominent countries in the Eastern region of Africa. Over the years, the country‘s education sector has been partly marginalized by the government and sadly, this stems from the certainty that the Tanzanian constitution doesn’t mandate the government to render academic services to the people.

Despite this drawback, contributions from citizens and many private bodies have constantly strengthened the academic stance. Fortunately, the private sector has carved out a remarkable path in producing academic institutions that potentially help young students attain their O-level standards.

Top 10 Best Secondary Schools in Tanzania
Top 10 Best Secondary Schools in Tanzania

In this informative post, you will be provided with the names of Top 10 Secondary Schools in Tanzania together with their locations and what they symbolize as academic institutions.

Top 10 Best Secondary Schools in Tanzania

  • 1. Al Muntazir Schools

Al Muntazir Schools offers academic services under the auspices of the KSIJ Central Board of Education. This institution is based in the renowned Tanzanian region of Dar Es Salaam. Likewise, it is regarded as one of Tanzania’s contemporary academic institutions as it offers academic programmes ranging from the pre-school category to the A-levels.

Al Muntazir Schools has the conventional motive of inculcating academic excellence in its students. With respect to this, the school hopes to instigate, in its students, the everlasting desire to learn. Under the patronage and management of Al Muntazir Schools, there are a number of schools including Al Muntazir Islamic Seminary, Al Muntazir Union Nursery, Al Muntazir Girls Primary, and Al Muntazir Boys Primary. Meanwhile, each of these schools is geared towards providing academic excellence and expertise.

  • 2. Ali Hassan Mwinyi Elite Schools

Ali Hassan Mwinyi Elite Schools –also regarded as AHMES –is one of Tanzania’s privately-owned institutions located in the country’s region of Dar Es Salaam. AHMES is an advanced institution committed to its unbending passion of providing excellent students with academic programmes at the primary, secondary and nursery levels. Through its motto “Forward Ever Backward Never’’, AHMES symbolizes its commitment to delivering excellent services and coming out with extraordinary academic performances.

  • 3. Baobab Secondary School

Baobab Secondary School is a boarding institution specified for girls only. The school is located in Bagamoyo district –a district that covers a few kilometers away from Dar Es Salaam. Baobab secondary school operates academically with the motive of emerging into one of the distinguished institutions at the national academic level.

  • 4. East Coast Secondary School

Located in one of the biggest areas in Tanzania –precisely in the Lulanzi region of Morogoro –East Coast Secondary School is only a few kilometers away from Dar Es Salaam. Those coming to the institution all the way from Dar Es Salaam can board the commercial buses that shuttle between Morogoro and Dar Es Salaam.

  • 5. Hasanga Boys Secondary School

Hasanga Boys Secondary School is one of Tanzania’s privately-owned academic institutions. The establishment of the school was brought off through the monetary contributions generated locally. Located in the Tanzanian area of Vwawa, Hasanga Boys Secondary School is a combined day and boarding school which began offering academic services in 2005.

Though the registration schedule of Hasanga Boys Secondary School implies 180 students, the school is presently occupied with almost 160 students and the best part of them are boarding students.

  • 6. James Sangu Girls Secondary School

Situated at Mbozi – a district in the Tanzanian area of Mbeya, the name of this school –James Sangu Girls Secondary School –is attributed to Mbeya’s first bishop. The establishment of this school was brought off with the help of the donations obtained from Catholic nuns and their family members. With respect to this, the institution offers academic services under the ownership of the Mbeya Sisters’ Catholic congregation.

  • 7. Loyola High School

Loyola High School was greatly motivated by the academic culture of Jesuit. It is a paramount academic establishment that trains young minds and instills morals and ethics in them. Loyola High School delivers excellent teachings to its students and prepares them for future responsibilities as intellectual men and women whose contributions will add to the betterment of society.

With a view to maintaining academic excellence and discipline, Loyola High School strongly urges each student to develop personally and as a responsible individual within the complex society. In this regard, all students –at Loyola High School –must brim with the passion to strive for national and societal progress. Likewise, each student is challenged to emerge, in future moments, as a responsible person is individually and socially.

  • 8. Montfort Agricultural Secondary School

Established in the year 1988 under the auspices of the Indian-owned division of the Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel, Montfort Agricultural Secondary School is a High School situated in the Tanzanian area of Rujewa.

With the motive of spreading literacy, the academic institution has a staff of 24 teachers who impart academic learning and prepare students for the attainment of their O-level standards. Montfort Agricultural Secondary School is largely occupied by boys and only 30% (from a total of 318 students) are female students. For male students, the school is equipped with boarding equipment capable of occupying about 87 boys.

  • 9. School of St. Jude

School of St. Jude is a Christian and English-specific school that runs academic programmes with the help of sponsorships. The core objective of the school is to provide academic opportunities to orphans and the less-privileged –particularly with marginalized social backgrounds.

Significantly, the School of St. Jude instills academic learning through a deductive system that combines Tanzanian education with Western education. Meanwhile, the school imparts academic excellence to students so that they may become ethical Christians who will steer the national progress of Tanzania in the future.

  • 10. Shaaban Robert Secondary School

Attributed to Shaaban Robert –a legendary writer and poet in Tanzania –Shaaban Robert Secondary School is one of the excellent High Schools situated in the Tanzanian region of Dar Es Salaam. Under the management of a Management Committee alongside a Board of Governors, Shaaban Robert Secondary School happens to be a subsidiary of the Dar Es Salaam Secondary Education Society.

In line with the management of the school, Sir Chande takes an authoritative role as the president of the Dar Es Salaam Secondary Education Society. Likewise, he serves as the chair member of the Board of Governors.

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