Top 10 African Countries With Best Education Systems 2020

List of countries with the best education systems in Africa.

The principle goal of education is to create men and women capable of doing things not simply repeating what other generations have done. Jean Piaget.

Education plays a paramount role in the development of a country. No wonder a great number of developed countries don’t underestimate the role of education in the advancement of a country and its citizens, and by such, they put education at the heart of the country and as the first place in its decisions. Africa is not exempted when it comes to taking education seriously and of great importance. 

 The question of which countries in Africa have the best education system will be answered in this article.

Top 10 African Countries With Best Education Systems 2020

  • 1. Seychelles

Seychelles is a small Island State of 95,000  inhabitants which comprises 115 islands. Seychelles education system stands out in the whole Africa, it is also the only African country to appear on the list of the top 50 education system in the whole world, ahead of other countries like; Hungary, Russia, and UAE as 43rd on the list, with 28th position on critical thinking and 34th position on critical thinking and 34th position on the skill set of graduates.

In 2016, UNESCO stipulated that the Seychelles government spent 11.72% of its total expenditure on education,  its major goal is to educate all its citizens, with adult literacy at the rate of 90%.

In the implementation of this goal, the government accentuated full responsibility, transparency, and maximum productivity. Today, the fight for “education for all” as one of UNESCO’s goals has been achieved in Seychelles, which made them the first African country to achieve this goal. 

Seychelles has received funds for developing its educational programs from different multinationals and ensures a compulsory free education from 6- 16 years.

  • 2. Tunisia 

The African country with the second-best education system in Tunisia. The government intentionally created a lasting structure for the reformation of the education system in Tunisia to hit the UNESCO goal and build substantial enlightenment of human capital base that can relate to the dynamism needs of developing countries to achieve this reformation. They further created a conducive environment suitable to attain its goals. It is obvious that education is paramount to the government of Tunisia. They also have laws put in place to foster their education goals.

  • 3. Mauritius 

The Island nation is the 3rd on the list of the top education systems in Africa. 

The multiethnic country is known for its economic, democracy, and political freedom, it is also pigeonholed as high when it comes to the Human Development Index. Mauritius has a good record of producing the best students every year for the International Cambridge O’ level exams, the AS, and A level exams. They ensure free education from the primary –Tertiary for every citizen. It is also compulsory for everyone until the age of 16.

In 2015, the rate of adult literacy was estimated at 92.7%.

  • 4. South Africa 

South Africa is the 4th best in the list of countries with the best education systems in Africa. Surprisingly they’d earlier been in the list of the countries with the poor education systems. According to individual research of Stellebosch University, this was a result of the weak Institutional functionality, unqualified teachers, and bereft learning time which led to a high level of dropouts and social vices.

 Currently, there has been a drastic reformation in the education system of the country. The education system is governed by two National Departments as against the previous single governing body called “Department of Education’’ (DBE). An addition to the governing body is The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). While DBE is responsible for the Primary- Secondary schools, private and public schools, the DHET is responsible for the Tertiary and Special learning.

They further adjusted the structure and policies of the education system with implementation bodies in different provinces. 

Best Education Systems In Africa
Countries With The Best Education Systems In Africa
  • 5. Algeria 

The North African country ranks 88th position on the global education system and stands 5th on the list of the best education system in Africa. They have 41.3million inhabitants with a 75 percent literacy rate.

  • 6. Botswana 

Botswana’s system of education, unlike Mauritius, is free but not compulsory. Their education system reflects that of the United Kingdom, access to primary and secondary school is based on performance and selection. The ministry of education controls all the structure of the educational system in Botswana apart from the University of Botswana. There are numerous private and public institutions.

After their independence in 1966, they made a great pace in educational reformation. The government appointed a commission that researched and published a report on educational reformation titled “education for kagisano” (education for harmony) the report suggested new range of studies be introduced to schools including vocational subjects that aim at preparing students for the job market.

  • 7. Kenya 

The East African country with a population of 49.7million has put in 17.58 percent of its government expenditure in 2017.

According to UNESCO, their literacy rate is approximately 78.7 percent. They have compulsory education from the age of 6 to 17 years. It is recorded that Kenya is 21st on the list of Ease of finding skilled employees, 43rd on digital skills globally.

  • 8. Cape Verde 

Cape Verde is recognized as the 53rd on teaching critical thinking, 71st on Ease of finding skilled employees.

The country has over 546,000 population and an 80% rate of literacy. Education is compulsory from the age of 6- 14 years, while free education is provided for the ages of 6-12 years.

  • 9. Egypt 

According to UNESCO, Egypt’s literacy rate is 71 percent, their compulsory education is from 6-17 years. In Egypt, foreign influence contributed greatly to the reformation of their system of education, the likes of UNESCO, and Fulbright guide on training the teachers overseas. UNICEF helped in the development of educational materials for learning. The teachers were sent to developed countries for training, conferences were held for the development of educational systems. 

  • 10. Namibia 

Namibia has a 2.3million population. The government of Namibia makes education compulsory for citizens age 6- 16 years. They rank 43rd globally on staff training and critical thinking. 

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Closing On The Countries With The  Best Education System In Africa

Even though many African countries are striving with their educational system to meet up with the world standards the above listed are the top 10 in the quest.  

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