Auxiliary Nurse Salary In South Africa

Auxiliary Nurse Salary In South Africa. You will agree with me that there is a clear difference between a nurse and an auxiliary nurse, however, the difference is not far-fetched than that an auxiliary nurse stands and work as an assistant to a nurse (main) or a doctor. The essence of this role is to give qualitative patient care and ensure proper nursing activities.

Major duty Outputs; – To make sure duties are carried out properly to meet the patient care requirements qualitatively, ensuring that SANC (a regulatory body that controls the affairs of all medical centers and clinics in South Africa) regulations, hospital rules, important legislation, and other relevant measures are not broken in the process of carrying out all nursing activities.


  • A Nursing Assistant average salary is R7 216 per month in South Africa. 2-4years is. the typical tenure for an auxiliary nurse.


An average salary of R211,898 is what a registered nurse (RN) earns per year. Most nurses practicing this profession will always love to move on to other positions after a period of 20 years in this field. The primary health care and Critical Care are the best skills that hype pays for the professionals in this field most of the time.


Agreement of new salary offer by the government and public unions was put into action with professional nurses receiving sales of R106 086, staff nurses R70 140 and R53 757 for auxiliary nurses.

National Education, Health and Allied Workers Union (Nehawu) Democratic Nurses Association of South Africa (Denosa) Public Service Association (PSA), Hospital Personnel Trade Union of South Africa (HOSPIRA) and National Union of Public Service and Allied Workers (NUPSAW) were the unions ably represented in the negotiation.

As nurses make the single largest professional group in 2009, the OSD is liable to have a specific impact in developing the delivery of (PHS) Public Health Services.


  • GumTree Nursing Assistant 109 salaries for R 45 000 per month
  • Global Recruit Nursing Assistant 5 salaries for R 23 000 per month
  • Nursing Assistant in LIFE OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH 5 salaries for R 12 701 per month
  • Ubusha Recruitment (Pty) Ltd Nursing Assistant 10 salaries for R 12 000 per month
  • Nursing Assistant in lizzy staff ltd 5 salaries for R 9 220 per month
  • 1 Four All Recruitment (Pty) Ltd Nursing Assistant 8 salaries for R 6 800 per month
  • Netcare St Augustine Hospital Nursing Assistant 5 salaries City Average salary for R 7 140 per month


  • Southern Suburbs in Nursing Assistant, WC 33 salaries for R 6 755 per month
  • Nursing Assistant in Athlone, WC 25 salaries for R 7 185 per month
  • Nursing Assistant in Diep River, WC 24 salaries for R 6 082 per month
  • Nursing Assistant in Cape Town, WC 13 salaries for R 9 353 per month
  • Nursing Assistant in Johannesburg, GP 10 salaries for R 9 353 per month


Most of the time, hospitals or medical clinics are where a registered nurse (RN) works for earning. They are also liable to work for organizations other than hospitals and medical clinics such as senior centers or rehabilitation centers, outpatient facilities and the likes. The main professional job ideal to be carried by a registered nurse is to provide every means in promoting and securing the health and wellness of every being and patient within his or her care and giving hope to patients that their well-being is his or her concerns and main focus.


Auxiliary nurses’ practice in South Africa and the National Health Service (NHS) and private healthcare institutions stands as the employee of Auxiliary Nurses. The duty of an auxiliary nurse is to be of help and act as an assistant to a qualified nursing professional in rendering tender care to patients. Health assistants can also be referred to as Auxiliary Nurse. Auxiliary nurses do not really need academic qualifications, and the duty can serve as a link to a qualified and registered nurse.

Still On Auxiliary Nurse Salary In South Africa


The main role and responsibility of an auxiliary nurse are to make sure patients are always kept as comfortable as possible. An auxiliary nurse has the duty of washing and dressing up incapable patients, feeding patients at due meal times and assisting patient who finds it very difficult to get around by themselves.

Also, Auxiliary nurses help the disabled and elderly patients when they are about visiting the toilet. An auxiliary nurse is also assigned the duty to check on patients’ well-being, health status and condition by taking measurements of weight, temperatures and checking respiration levels. An auxiliary nurse also carries out less vigor medical processes and checks blood pressure levels. They are also quite responsible for making patient’s beds, change the bedsheets when due and assist with the cleaner in general tidings of the ward.


Healthcare scientists also permit auxiliary nurses to work alongside with them, by assisting them to identify and treat a wide range of diseases. Some can also work with audiologists, help certified scientists to research disorders in hearing and develop effective patterns of coping for patients. Auxiliary nurses are also capable of assisting healthcare scientists in analyzing samples of blood and urine alongside histories of the patient.


Auxiliary nurses are saddled with the responsibility to ensure strict monitoring of experts in heart care such as the out physiotherapists, pediatricians, and nutritionists’ word and language therapists. Depending on the type of therapy administered, there are diverse roles to be played. Nurses may be asked to help mentally disordered patients prepare for sessions of therapy or to set up facilities needed for a therapy session. The proactive role can also be played by dedicated nurses by assisting in the actual treatment of the therapist. Auxiliary nurses, in this case, play a vital administrative role, taking cognizant and keeping sound and exact records of medical histories of patients. In the process of performing these duties, auxiliary nurses are preferably referred to as therapist helpers or assistant therapist to ensure quality patient care, the rapport between doctors, patient, and other medical personnel must be effective to build continued patient education, keeping an accurate record of equipment maintenance and usage of resources effectively, maintaining all health safety and disease control measures and ensuring the patient environment is safe and conducive enough.

Qualification Requirements; as a registered nurse already endorsed by SANC, the theatre and nursing experience plus the ability to perform tends to shift in accordance with the hospital’s operational requirements. Paying attention to detail resilience, analysis, and judgment and as well solving computer related problems, is a major advantage of a nurse employee certified with computer proficiency honor and capable of knowing the healthcare private industry challenges.

All other attributes include; Engagement in diverse technical and professional and proficiency, orientation excellence in relationship building awareness of customers’ organizational responsiveness and good behavior ethics. The increment of the nurse’s salaries in South Africa.

As at of 17th of January 2008, reviewing the nurse’s salary was in the implementation process by The Department of Health in the public sector promising the month of March as the end of the completion process.

Dubai Mngadi, the spokesman for the department confirmed that progress is made towards achieving the enormous task of increasing 100 000 nurse’s salaries.

Limpopo and northern Cape provincial health department so far, are the only to have completed the task already, while every other province is making moves toward the implementation too.

In the target of boosting the public health sector if the nation with the ability to achieve increased and retain professionals in the health, the increment of salary had reflected in the country’s OSD (Occupational Specific Dispensation).

The discussion that was held for good two months between the organized labor and the government yields the OSD as the result, followed by the strike last year June by the public service.

Adjustments of salaries are to be assessed far way back from 1 July 2007, completing all adjustments by March ending of this year. There exists two-part if the OSD agreement. the minimum adjustment was in correspondence with the occupational specific dispensation in the first phase, while the latter phase consists of the reanalysis and progression according to the recognition of important experience.

As of June when the public service strike ended, the negotiations below were made due to the fact that both phases of the occupational specific dispensation represented an increase which was far above the general adjustment salary of over 7.5 percent.


It has been partially agreed that starting level salaries for nurses of various groups that a ratio between 20 percent and 24 percent will be added to their salaries which would be effectively paid in a respective manner from 1 July 2007.



It should be well noted that all figures of salary stated above are mere approximations in accordance with the third-party submissions to the barest minimum. These figures are given to the Indeed consumers for the aim and target of generalized evaluation of similarities only. Minimum wage may be different with a wide or reasonable margin by jurisdiction and the employer of actual and exact salary should be properly consulted for salary figures in the quest for clarification and verification. The salary earning of a doctor is much higher than that of a qualified nurse, that of the nurse is likewise greater than an Auxiliary nurse and probably the salary pay of an Auxiliary nurse is a bit higher than the clinics and hospitals cleaners. that s the like manner followed for salary payment in any health organizations and health centers in South Africa.

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