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Over the year, the quest to make better and modernized buildings to accommodate people and make them much comfortable brought about the study of architecture with a motive of knowing building plans, design and to review the construction of the building. The need to make or create professional building designs through a well-defined plan called building plan brought about the terms architect and architecture. This paper, therefore, seeks to know who is an architect, a historical overview and Architect salary in South Africa. As is usually stated as derived from the Bible that a laborer deserves his wages, so it is in the case of an architect in any part of the world.


In South Africa, experience and educational qualification are determinant factors of the earnings and salaries of an architect. Experience and educational qualification are indeed essential because it determines your level of competency and expatriate through your output. Without these factors, clients will not get to know you as an architect and the government as well. Architects’ salaries in South Africa is basically and anonymously provided by employers such as the government, as the major source, private individuals, clients, companies, nongovernmental organizations, and others.

  • Architect that is on internship earns an average salary of R96, 950 per year. A skill in Autodesk Revitalize architecture is associated with high pay.
  • Whereas, an architect on the job earns an average salary per month of R31, 256.
  • An intermediate architect in South Africa earns R20, 500 while a senior architect earns R 33,752 including other bonuses.
  • However, a technical and a business architect earns from R41, 313 to R52, 545 at the intermediate level
  • while a senior technical and business architects earn from R53, 791 to R62, 337.

An architect in Johannesburg earns an average salary of R 288,555 per year whereas the average salary for an in South Africa per month is R 31,256. Estimation of the total salary is based on 240 salaries submitted to indeed by architect employees, users equally collected from past and present jobs advertisements on indeed in the past 36 months.

  • In South Africa, a skill in project management is associated with high pay for this job. However, most people move on to other jobs if they have more than 20 years of experience in the career.  A system architect in South Africa generally earns an average salary of R 670,209 including other bonuses of 20,482.


An architect is a person who lives to design, he is a professional who is qualified to design and also provides abducted both to aesthetics and technical on bills object in our public and private landscape. He is trained and licensed to work on the planning and design of the building. Someone who is an architect must have been certified in a professional institute of learning qualification or equivalent, have undertaken a minimum period of personal experience and have successfully completed the oral-written examination (Architectural practice examination) before becoming eligible to apply for registration and qualifying to use the title “architect”

Apart from the design structures such as statues and water fountains for their employers. they work on design projects from start to finish, consulting with clients, creating and editing draft designs and monitoring projects progress throughout the construction site. It is expected that an architect should have experience in relevant computer-aided design software such as AUTO CAD, MICROSOFT OFFICE suit, etc.

An architect should have relevant experience in supervision, good communication skills, are needed, the ability to multitask and mentor more junior staff members as required. Architect, however, does the following as well:

  1. Assist its team in developing and implementing concepts for both interior and building projects
  2. Mentor younger staffs to develop their design skills
  3. Work with clients in the pre-design phase to generate designs.

However, the architect faces a lot of contention which is seriously the case in South Africa that after 8 years of study and professional training, an architect should be respected as a doctor and paid like a highly qualified professional. This contention is stemmed up from the fact that the architect ensures that building complies with health and safety legislation, they control site budgets, prepare planning permission, prepare construction drawings, prepare and handle building control certificates and guarantee. An architect and his team guide and control the constructor and owners of building to a successful solution.  Architect, however, deserves better because they are both the problem and solution to the building. The emergence of the architect in South Africa has helped to create a well-structured and healthy building system and also brought about the present beauty of Johannesburg and Cape Town through the professional and we’ll experience designs.

Government contractors can’t embark on any building of government houses, offices without a deliberate consultation of a town planner, surveyor and also an experienced architect of their encouraging architecture in South Africa.

Still On Architect Salary In South Africa


The emergence of the architect can equally be traced to the apartheid state of South Africa where shall utilitarian home and grand structure is colonial Donovan dominance. A tour of South African architecture reveals the diverse and tumultuous past is indigenous clans, colonization apartheid and the reconciliation I’d a post-apartheid state. From the simple rondavels of the Xhosa to the modern design of Mokena Maketa, architecture in South Africa has been built to conquer, divide, connect and heal various indigenous clans were spread across all of South Africa. The Xhosa and Zulu inhabited the south-east region of the country in small communities and villages where the Xhosa live and held community meetings in a structure called Rondavels. These circular huts were made of mud and had conical thatched grass roofs

Street contact with the British and Boer colonizer, the Xhosa began to incorporate set stones, walls and modern elements such as glass windows, into the traditional rondavel. Have you ever looked at big, flashy mentioned and felt just a little intimated by its side? South Africa colonizers also wanted to create a feeling and architect was one of the ways they went about doing it. This was done uber the leadership of Prime Minister Cecil Rhodes, British colonizers were determined to create a dominant society in South Africa.  Rhode selected architects that would create impressive structures, structures that would, in turn, create an air of power and superiority. One is the architect chosen by Rhodes was Herbert Baker. Baker went all out in designing houses of government, culture, and industry in South Africa. He was inspired by the architecture in ancient Greek houses. Rhodes Memorial is a clear example of this classical influence.

Baker designed a structure that suited the South African closure by combining an element of Palladian with Neo-classical architecture.

These combined styles along with South African colonial buildings. The union building at Pretoria, for example, mixes the columns of neoclassical design with Palladian architecture projecting the dominance of the British system.


South Africa as one of the fast-growing nations in term of technology, economy, politically, population-wise, infrastructure and otherwise in the African continent accept and encourages architecture and architect to ensure a well-defined and structure building systems within their territorial sovereignty as it makes provision for the study of architecture it’s tertiary institutions. Before now, there has been an existence of architecture on a small scale during an apartheid state where Little-designed structures were made to inhabit the colonial masters in South Africa. This was done by a well-known designer called Baker in the dominant communities of Xhosa and Zulu. Through this architecture was introduced and it stood till the modern-day South Africa where interested designers are encouraged to go for the professional study of architecture to enable them to improve in their structural designs to enable South African buildings to compete for the modern-day system of building all over the world.

In doing this, the services of an urban and regional planner and the surveyor are still accepted to ensure that the building meets urban standards without demolishing the structure in the long run or after a period of time. The work of an architect has helped in beautifying the current-day South African cities, towns, and some rural-urban centers. As a result, the need for an architect cannot be over emphasis which calls for individuals to make architecture as a source of livelihood and survival. As a result of this, it becomes very necessary for the government, corporate agencies, ministries and parastatals, private individuals, non-governmental organizations who cannot do without the services of an architect if they want better and beautiful structures in the establishment.  This calls for the need for an architect to be paid his/ her necessary wages and salary including other remuneration so as to keep their body and mind together and also serve as a means of motivation to this architect.

To this end, there are however defined earnings of architects in South Africa which serves as a means of motivation to them despite contentions and the desire for improvement.


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