Aims Of Education In Tanzania And Its Goals

Historical Background Of Education In Tanzania

Goals and Aims Of Education In Tanzania. Education is the master key that opens every door of opportunity and there is another saying that if education is not important, try ignorance .. before now or should I say many years ago many Africans didn’t see the need to embrace education most especially the girl child because many were comfortable before it and didn’t see the need for it. probably due to lack of enlightenment and so on but over time when they began to see the repercussion from others whose kids got education and ended up better and on top of the ones who didn’t see the four walls of school, nobody needed to be told that education was key because the signs were there for all to see.


Aims Of Education In Tanzania

Now let go further by explaining the aims of education in Tanzania and its goals.

Well, the aim of education for all is to enlighten empower and to enable us to become better and useful citizens In life and help propel the nation to greater heights. Everybody including the Tanzanians and it government saw the need for education and embraced it fully. Now let go deeper in highlighting the goals of education in Tanzania and they are as follows

  • To promote unity, oneness, better communication skills, and competency:

If we get education, then we can get educated in one language being English and this helps us understand each other and communicate better like civil people then again, it promotes competency and less dependency on the westerns because with education we can do the things they do over there by ourselves and run the country better

  • To broaden our horizons, skills, and ideas:

Getting education not only makes us better citizens but gets us enlightened and better productive ranging from skills to technology and the rest and it helps one stay on the same level with the growing world today

  • It enhances development and appreciation of national unity and respect for each other and to help us conduct ourselves in the best manners.
  • Education also provides opportunities for self-discovery, confidence and the rapid growth of the nation in terms of leadership, health, science and technology and social reforms.
  • Education helps us to become better and refined persons in the life and to lead us to the right path morally and civilly.
  • To pass down skills and essential information to students and equip them to the future with the relevant knowledge to be able to face the future and the world
  • To get us exposed to everything around us and to be able to understand ourselves, our world and to be in control of everything around us and to make better impact in the society at large

Now, in conclusion, it is clear that in anything we need to get in life that getting an education first is the first start to helping us to get to any other point in life.


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